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Activism Prrojects : 

Activism Prrojects Remote Area Medical Killing Us Softly 4

Remote Area Medical : 

Remote Area Medical Pioneers of No-Cost Health Care Access for Women’s Health Services Free of Charge

Killing Us Softly : 

Killing Us Softly Author by Jean Kilbourne 4 Different Editions Discusses Women’s Image

Purpose of the Projects : 

Purpose of the Projects RAM Free pap-smears and mammograms and opportunity for everyone to be equal Killing Us Softly Educate young high school girls about image and get their perspective

My Part : 

My Part RAM Set-up clinic Hand out free medical forms to females to have mammograms and pap-smear Killing Us Softly To help show the young girls of the negative effect of media on young females

What I like about the Projects : 

What I like about the Projects RAM Everything was free and everyone was treated equal Killing Us Softly Being able to help the young girls distinguish between real and fake

What worked and didn’t work : 

What worked and didn’t work RAM Women getting free check-up I believe the word could have been spread better Killing Us Softly Interaction with the girls helped but the teacher was not to kind of the video

Results : 

Results RAM 73 mammograms and pap-smear were done in Bristol, TN Killing Us Softly Positive impact on the young girls and very informative for them

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