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- 1 - PEMF THERAPY ZINC SUPPLEMENTATION THE SAFER WAY TO IMMUNIZE YOURSELF AGAINST COVID-19 Although Zinc is a well-documented inhibitor of coronavirus replication its effectiveness is diminished by the limited ability of our cells to absorb this mineral. One of the key roles of HydroxyChloroQuine is to facilitate zinc absorption through the cellular membrane and into the cytoplasm where the coronavirus replicates. Doctors in France and a few other countries are now successfully administering HydroxyChloroQuine to cure COVID-19 but other physicians and government regulators are reluctant to adopt this drug because it requires careful administration in very precise dosages to avoid toxicity. PEMF therapy has long been shown to facilitate cellular absorption in a drug-free modality avoiding all risks of toxicity caused by overdose of pharmaceuticals.

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- 2 - On November 4 of 2010 a group of scientists from various universities and research facilities in Europe and the United States published the results of a joint study they titled "Zn 2+ INHIBITS CORONAVIRUS AND ARTERIVIRUS RNA POLYMERASE ACTIVITY IN VITRO AND ZINC IONOPHORES BLOCK THE REPLICATION OF THESE VIRUSES IN CELL CULTURE". Nine years later the first few cases of a new coronavirus were starting to show up in Chinas Wuhan province. This was the beginning of a global pandemic the scope of which had not been seen in the last 100 years. Today the suffering and panic caused by millions of infections and hundreds of thousands of deaths are being felt in every corner of our planet and have brought our thriving global economy to its knees faster than any war in history. Above: Visible reduction of the coronavirus inside the cell due to the introduction of Zinc. The pandemic has revealed to us all how unprepared governments across the world are including our own. Many who had put their trust in the hands of their government have now turned into preppers and individualists resolute to take responsibility for their own health and safety and that of their families. There are those who are going about it methodically in a rational manner and there are those who arent. On March 22 an elderly couple in Arizona drank a huge dose of fish tank cleaner containing chloroquine phosphate thinking it would protect them from coronavirus infection: the man died and the woman is in critical condition. Although this was an isolated extreme case of recklessness it illustrates the wrong way to go about self-advocacy for ones health and survival. Those who remain ill-informed unwilling or unable to research facts rationally put themselves and their loved ones in great danger. A PROVEN TECHNOLOGY

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- 3 - For decades PEMF therapy has produced outstanding results in treating a great variety of conditions. This well proven technology helps the body heal without drugs simply by stimulating cellular function facilitating the intake of oxygen and nutrients at the cellular level. When this technology is combined with the supplementation of the right nutrients it allows our body to boost the immune system heal tissues faster and restore proper function to vital organs. More than 7000 independent clinical trials have been conducted around the world with consistent results that demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of PEMF therapy. Since 1979 the Food and Drug Administration has approved PEMF therapy to treat multiple conditions: 1. Nonunion fractures 1979 FDA approval 2. Urinary incontinence 1998 FDA approval 3. Muscle stimulation 1998 FDA approval 4. Cervical fusion 2004 FDA approval 5. Depression and Anxiety 2006 FDA approval 6. Brain Cancer 2011 FDA approval The reason for the amazing diversity of conditions that are successfully treated with PEMF is because PEMF is not a drug. Drugs can only treat one condition at a time and often only the symptoms. This is because drugs are unique chemical molecules with a fixed architecture and function and each drug can usually address only one single process. This is why most drug-based therapies require not just one drug but a combination of them. PEMF on the other hand relies on the bodys own ability to heal itself and our body is designed to repair every single type of tissue heal thousands of different conditions and combat millions of different infections. PEMF does so by restoring the electrical balance of all our cells back to their optimal voltage of -70mV allowing our tissues and organs to return to their full capacity to heal and function at their peak. BE YOUR OWN HEALTH ADVOCATE Lets face it: no doctor is going to be more invested in your health than you. You are the one person who cares the most about your well-being. It is great that we can rely on educated and

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- 4 - conscientious physicians and nurses for advice and guidance but the toughest decisions come down to us and no one else. We owe it to ourselves to acquire the knowledge necessary for our survival. We have to take the time to research factual information and learn to evaluate fact-check and analyze the data to separate the science from the quackery. We have to recognize that doctors are the product of their education and the establishment and they can make mistakes. Just take a look at their nutritional advice and compare it with the facts: an epidemic of obesity diabetes and auto- immune disease. Let us step up to the plate and prepare ourselves for the worst. The answers are there. At the tip of our fingers. PEMF ZINC have a flawless track record and an amazing well documented history of effectiveness and success. The rest is up to us    Paul Fredrick is the Senior Science Advisor at PEMF Wellness Technology LLC He can be contacted at For information on the latest PEMF devices visit

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