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Pelican Containers carry wide range of used and new shipping containers for sale or rent. Find containers by size or type.


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Welcome to Pelican Containers Used & New Containers For Sale


About Pelican Containers P elican Containers worlds leading supplier of used and new, modified shipping containers. We carry widest range of containers for sale or on rent. Containers are available in various types & sizes.


Uses of Containers Residential Applications Constructions Company (WWT) Wind & Water Tight Storage Containers


Sizes of Containers Pelican Container supply any size of containers on your demanding requirements. Check out containers by size. We deliver outstanding level of support service to customers. 20 foot Containers 40 foot Containers 45 foot Containers 10 foot Containers


10 foot Containers Pelican Containers offers 10ft shipping containers , 10ft open top shipping containers which includes plywood floors, locking doors and lashing points.


20 foot Containers Pelican Containers stock huge range of shipping containers in size 20 foot.


40 foot Containers Pelican Containers offer full range of shipping containers in 40 foot size.


45 foot Containers Pelican Containers offer full range of shipping containers in 45 foot size.


Types of Containers We offers varied types of shipping containers available in their sizes. Select best containers you need from reliable source like Pelican Containers. We can deliver it to you on time. Flat Rack Containers Open Top Containers High Cube Containers Side Open Containers


Flat Rack Containers Various flat rack containers for sale from Pelican Containers at reasonable price. Available in 20ft, 40ft and 45ft sizes.


Open Top Containers Various high quality Open top containers available for sale in 10ft, 20ft and 45ft in sizes. Pelican Containers deliver impeccable customer service that meet customer needs.


High Cube Containers We stock complete line of high cube shipping containers available for sale in 20ft, 40ft and 45ft in sizes.


Side Open Containers Pelican Containers stock huge range of side opening containers. By using this you can loading and unloading goods easily. These side opening shipping containers are available in 6ft, 20ft, 40ft and 45ft .


What You Get? 100% Quality Assurance 24/7*365 Days Support Service Fast & Accurate Instant Delivery Cost Effective Pricing


Contact Us +1 888-257-7698 http :// [email protected] Connect With Us FacebooK Twitter Pinterest Google Plus YouTube

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