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Alphonse Mucha:

Alphonse Mucha Pei Hsuan An 03774987

What style of this picture?:

What style of this picture? Hint: 1890~1910 Plant and wave line Decorative art. Art Nouveau

PowerPoint Presentation:

1860 - Burn from Zech. 1871 - Work for theater design company. 1881 - Work for “kari khuen” count, and drew the mural of his castle. Introduce Mucha to “Munich art school”. 1887 - Went to Paris, to countinue his job “Design” 1930 - Went to America then settled in prague. 1939 - Died of pneumonia. Alphonse Mucha

Preview of Presentation :

Preview of Presentation Describe and Introduce the artwork. Video. Explain how I would improve the work.

Describe and Introduce The Artwork.:

Describe and Introduce The Artwork.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Designer Illustrator Artist Mucha’s Art Work

PowerPoint Presentation:

Portrait Cover 70% of the painting Diagonal line → Figure Line → Shadow Warm color Geometric figure



PowerPoint Presentation:

Do you think the composition in this artwork needs to be modified? What do you think about the color? If you were the artist , what would you change?

Explain How I Would Improve The Work.:

Explain How I Would Improve The Work.

Before After :

Before After

Repeat main ideas::

Repeat main ideas: Mucha style is very gorgeous , and this was a portrait artwork. In video, I created three question of the work to interview three native English speaker. I have three things what to improve of the painting.

Thank you:

Thank you

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