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Of all the courses I offer right now the most popular – and dare I say it most successful – is the Secrets of a Six-Figure Lead Generation Consultant course. For those of you who don’t know it’s an intense – but self-paced – journey through the techniques and blueprints I have used to build Pearl Lemon my ‘six-figure agency’. I have many courses about various topics including digital marketing content marketing search engine optimisation SEO. All of these serve people to find new clients build a landing page create/improve their lead generation course. As a freelance consultant I try to bring as much to people as I can so that they could build their own business or startup and become an entrepreneur.

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When dealing with online courses of any kind – especially those that cost money – people naturally want a little bit – or a lot – of information and reassurance about what might make it worth the investment. Understandable. They also like to hear from people who have already taken the course so they can see whether or not it actually works. Also hugely understandable. I’d worry about someone who was not this cautious. No one likes to waste money especially me. So today I wanted to share a few case studies the experiences of a few of the students who have worked their way through the Six Figure Agency Secrets Course already and are out there putting what they have learned into major action.

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BENJAMIN THOMAS Benjamin – Ben – is a great guy from Cardiff who was one of the first guys to contact me with questions about the course soon after it was launched: Not going to lie either this was exciting for me as this was a chance to help someone who was basically in the same position as I was not too long ago. So Benjamin started the course – while still working as that is the way the course is set up you can follow it at your own pace and revisit it as and when you need to even long after you’ve been through the first time.

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LUKE ELDEN Luke’s a special dude. He actually turned down a professional football contract to follow his business dreams instead. So trust me this was a big deal for me too as he was putting his faith in me to help him. But I’ll let him tell his own story These were his initial reactions a few weeks into the course which were I was delighted to hear very positive.

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OLI PEIRCE Oli is another ‘Deepak Success Story’ I’m particularly proud of. This guy is a grafter. He’s married he had his own mobile food truck business and because he needed to ramp his income had also just opened a social media marketing business. He needed leads because financial concerns became even more pressing when he and his wife discovered Baby 2 was on the way. Still he did his due diligence before he signed up see below And just so you know I have no problems receiving and answering emails like these. Because I totally understand them. Hi Deepak

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Don’t take offence to this question I’m just curious and as you say its hard to pick the legitimate mentors and the Fake “Gurus”. I am most likely to join your program but I’m wondering that if your program is so easy to adopt and make quick returns why don’t your staff do the same and start up their own company Kind Regards Oli

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I answered. We talked. He even talked to a couple of my staff. He signed up. And there were issues along the way. Upwork can be a great place for someone like Oli to find great clients but it can also be tough to break into without a certain amount of solid verifiable experience. A lot tougher than it was just a few years ago. But we worked our way through that: And not only is he doing well personally but he’s also even been offering advice and guidance to others in the private Facebook group that my course students interact in. WHAT A DUDE.

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There is a wealth of information out there about all the nitty-gritty details of the sales process inbound marketing and thought leadership. All you have to do is do some research and you’ll be a top decision maker in no time These are the stories of just three of my star pupils. You can find some more personal testimonials from those who have taken the course on my YouTube channel here. If you want to learn more and sign up you can do so here. And if you want to reach out ask questions chat about the course and what it might be able to do for you by all means do that too. I’d love to hear from you.