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WIRELESS PRESENTATION SYSTEM - WIRELESS INTERACTIVE PRESENTATION SYSTEM Bring Your Own Device BYOD is starting to become the norm for meetings and work gatherings. As companies begin to provide access to multiple devices like smartphones tablets and laptops these tools should promote productivity and the changing styles of communication. In today’s marketplace the concept of BYOD is becoming commonplace as users have grown accustomed to the personal and portable characteristics of tablets and smartphones. BYOD is no longer just an emerging trend it is here and it will continue to transform the way businesses work. The one place that needs BYOD the most is the meeting room. And a professional solution should be integral to every company strategy as it can significantly improve the quality of meetings and reduce the amount of time spent in them. Unengaging meetings and boring conferences are a thing of the past. Today meeting rooms and huddle spaces have taken their place in how groups communicate. But how do the participants become more involved in these events BYOD can bring significant benefits to the meeting room. Sharing content across tablets and smartphones makes these devices useful for many different meeting scenarios ranging from sales presentations to training to planning sessions. Bringing one’s own device to meetings is now an acceptable practice that allows everyone involved to participate and exchange ideas files and plans. So part of this new age of holding meetings requires us to redefine how we present collaborate communicate and share. Presentation – Presentations that consist of “death by PowerPoint” are no longer a desirable practice during meetings and conferences. Rarely are participants able to exchange thoughts and ideas with others in a meaningful or impactful way. Nor does anyone take anything meaningful away from a one- sided presentation that feels more like a lecture. That’s why Wireless Presentation System are making a big impact in the way people participate in meetings with their own devices.

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Collaboration – Collaborate truly means to work together. But how do people work together when they are simply looking at a presentation on a projector screen or display The true meaning of collaboration starts to take place when participants are engaging each other throughout meetings. This ultimately leads to a more effective use of meeting time and productivity from team members. Communication – For meetings all invited parties need to be able to access the conference from various locations. If any members are working remotely their devices need to have the capability to connect with the home office’s conference room or line through audio and/or video. In line with wireless presentations and networks the connections need to be stable to allow for clear communication exchange. Streamline your presentations – Multiple people sharing a presentation can be a common occurrence and one that can become seriously time-consuming especially when each presenter has to plug their laptop into the projector give out their own hand-outs etc. By introducing BYOD employees can use their own smartphones and tablets to give their presentations using mobile apps from A/V specialists to project their presentations wirelessly on to a single monitor. This allows presentations to run more quickly and smoothly. Share your information – Wireless collaboration technologies can bring participants’ devices together at the touch of a button making meetings more productive. A wireless connection to a shared display from participants’ seats will remove the need for complex configuring and cabling. Get wireless or upgrade your wireless infrastructure. If you’re not wireless get there If you are wireless make sure you are up to standard. Ensure that your Wi-Fi network provides the optimal speed and connections to support multiple devices and platforms especially for audio and video communication for internal and external team members. Meeting Rooms and Huddle spaces have been evolving and as a result require more technological advancements that allow for a more productive and engaging experience. The wireless presentation and collaboration systems have a host of features to make more effective use of meeting time and productivity. Technology companies especially are exploring how it can increase productivity employee happiness and efficiency in the workplace. Investing in the right technology is key to the success of bringing BYOD in to a meeting room environment. Mainly because technical issues are one of the foremost factors that negatively impact the effectiveness of meetings. Choosing a streamlined solution from A/V specialists which is fail-safe and easy-to-use and you will quickly see meeting room performance improve. Hardware – Review your current conference room set-up and how it is being used. If you are working with mostly internal employees look at how the equipment works with different devices especially smartphones and tablets. You will need to determine how the different hardware will work in connecting with multiple users for any teleconferencing or video conferencing with clients and vendors. Other considerations that must also be factored in to make certain that the hardware can support it include: the number of participants number of displays supported number of simultaneous sources

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displayed Android/iOS APP support for mobile devices security features file sharing moderator capability and whiteboard annotation. The rising trend of Bring Your Own Device BYOD whether as an official enterprise policy or an informal practice by employees has resulted in additional devices being increasingly used in the workplace with inherent benefits for employees and organizations. It makes mobile and flexible working more straight- forward and improves the opportunities for collaboration. The goal of BYOD should be to provide both flexibility and empowerment to employees while promoting productivity to reach assigned targets and goals as a team. To do that there needs to be a clear policy with the proper tools to support all. For More Information Wireless Interactive Presentation System

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