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Marketing Launch Orientation:

Marketing Launch Orientation Marketing 112 Online – Summer 2016 (Turn on your speakers – there is narration to this PowerPoint)

Pam Dewey:

Contract me by email: [email protected] Office hours are going to be on Google Hangouts 10 a.m. to noon on Monday. Pam Dewey


Eight w eeks of work Initial posts due on Thursday Major assignments due Monday at noon Orientation assignments due Thursday, June 9 Each week includes: Reading of three chapters Reading quiz on each chapter Short paper or project Discussion Board Reflection of Learning Weekly folders are usually opened the Wednesday before they start. Welcome

College Core Values - RELIC:

College Core Values - RELIC Look for a link to a student video on Core Values in the Orientation Folder


Textbook Glossary Flash Cards Videos eBook Practice quizzes

How to get an A in this class:

How to get an A in this class Read the book Study for your exams Network with classmates Complete your assignments to the best of your ability. Turn them in on time and in the format required. Use The Studio or the Help Lab. Talk to me if you are having problems or if an assignment is not clear.

Assessment Criteria:

Assessment Criteria General Course Information :


The Syllabus is posted in the first content area on Blackboard It gives you general information about the course and goals as well as important dates Refund date: (This is the last day the student may drop the class with a refund.) Withdrawal date: (This is the last day that a student can withdraw from the class with a grade of W. After this date, the student will receive a WF grade or, with extenuating circumstances, will need signatures from the instructor and the Business Department Dean.) Has course calendar so you know when the readings and assignments are due. Don’t wait until the last minute to start your assignments! Syllabus


I will add important information in the Announcement area Find your Syllabus in next area. Help Sheets and Resources contains more information on formatting papers, how to get an A on a Discussion Board, weekly assignments and more. This is where you will also find information on the Marketing in the News assignment. Blackboard

Blackboard (continued):

Calendar provides dates in calendar format Instructor gives you some information about me . Email allows you to email the instructor as well as all or some of your classmates. Textbook website will take you to the Connect website Blackboard (continued)

Blackboard (continued):

Weekly Folders are the “meat” of the class and contain all of the work of the class. There is one folder each week. You will interact with other students on the Discussion Board , where I will pose various topics . Reflections of Learning allow you to think about what you have learned during the week. Click on Grades to see your grades on all assignments. I usually have everything graded a week after assignments are due. Blackboard (continued)

Late Papers:

Late assignments: Students are responsible for submitting work to the instructor in a timely manner, and due dates for all assignments are provided. Generally late papers will get a 0. You have one “by” for an extra 3 days in your Get Out of Jail Free card. Late Papers I’m late. I’m late, for a very important date!

General Education Goals:

#1 The student is able to read and think critically. #2 The student is able to communicate effectively. General Education Goals

Course Objectives:

To develop an understanding of marketing as it operates in American business today (#1) To develop the ability to analyze critically the totality of the marketing process, the various essential functions performed, and the types of institutions performing them (#1) To acquire an understanding of the major policies that underlie the activities of marketing institutions (#1) To develop the ability to understand the numerous controversial issues arising out of the performance of the marketing process and to relate more readily to the business society (#1, #2) To acquire a foundation for further study (#1, #2) Course Objectives

Extra Credit:

Extra Credit The Studio writing lab for 5 points extra credit (There are also online consultations), with up to 10 points possible in the semester. Maybe more


BY MY TOMATTOES! There are many resons to buy my tomattoes. Customar satisfation rates high on the list. Weather or not it does to my compatition – who knows? It is there problem. Would you buy from this vendor? No? Why not? Keep this in mind when I deduct for grammar.

Get to Work!:

Orientation assignments are due on Thursday. Week 1 assignments are due on Monday. Get to Work!