Four Major Levels of Electronic Manufacturing


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Manufacturing of electronic products is a process that has multiple levels. Each of the levels is highly crucial. Electronic devices that are commonly used in regular household work.


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Four major levels of electronic manufacturing Manufacturing of electronic products is a process that has multiple levels. Each of the levels is highly crucial. Electronic devices that are commonly used in regular household work, for industrial as well as commercial purpose go through a complex procedure of manufacturing. .

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An electronic manufacturing company has to procure multiple components for obtaining final product. Each of the devices has its own characteristic components such as resistors for controlling the electric currents, components for maintaining the optimum temperature, voltage control, etc Once you have all the components you need; begin the process of manufacturing. Given below are the different stages of electronic manufacturing:

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Circuit board manufacturing: PCB development is the first stage of making any electronic device. It involves developing a printed circuit board (PCB) for the electronic device. These boards are made from a material which is electronically semi conducting in nature so as to both resist and conduct the electric flow in equal ratio. These boards are the platform for other components to be attached to. They contain patterns of electrically conductive material such as iron or copper. These patterns define the circuit or route of current in the device. This stage of manufacturing is very important and special mechanical instrument are used for this purpose.

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Integrating the components: Once the PCB development is complete, other components are attached on the surface of these boards. These electronic components include diodes, inductors, capacitors, resistors, transistors, transformers, relays. The metallic circuited pattern which is drawn over the PCB is what defines the integration process. The process of soldering is used for carrying out integration process of electronic devices. Soldering creates metallic joints between circuit boards and electronic components. In a company that offers electronic manufacturing services and where such manufacturing takes place, automated soldering machines are used.

Four major levels of electronic manufacturing :

Casing: In this phase, what type of casing a particular circuit should have is decided. Every electronic circuit differs from other in terms of size, operation and functioning. That is why different circuits need different casings. Casing means carefully bolting and enclosing the circuit to ensure smooth functioning. The case is usually made from insulating materials like plastic. This is done to provide safety and protection to the circuits from external harms.

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Testing: Testing is the stage which is conducted to ensure that each and every component manufactured is performing perfectly. The major operations of the devices are evaluated for this purpose. The testing involves checking if the components have been placed at the accurate positions, exposing the parts to varied temperature and humidity etc. Testing also checks functioning of components on different voltage levels and ensures that the product matches with the specified design. Only after the testing phase, any electronic product is made available in the market for final use. Source :