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Identity as a Service - Bringing Your Individual Identities to Your Handset


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Identity as a Service: Bringing Your Individual Identities to Your Handset Ronald Gruia – Director, Emerging Telecoms:

Identity as a Service: Bringing Your Individual Identities to Your Handset Ronald Gruia – Director, Emerging Telecoms © 2014 Frost & Sullivan. All rights reserved.


2 Agenda Introduction Market Trends Bridging the Gap between Personal and Work Communications Addressing the Market Gap Evaluating the Total Addressable Market (TAM) Conclusions

Introduction: Exponential Traffic & Logarithmic Revenue:

Introduction: Exponential Traffic & Logarithmic Revenue Rising traffic requirements, declining revenue growth and growing competition from OTT players is challenging operators to find new revenue streams, create subscriber stickiness and offer new compelling services. Factors such as the proliferation of smartphones, the uptake of video, and the increased penetration of mobile broadband have exacerbated the gap between exponential traffic and logarithmic revenue growth. Source : Broadband Forum 3

Market Trends:

Market Trends 4 BYOD and Its Related Costs : an increasingly higher number of enterprises are supporting the Bring-Your-Own-Device trend, as recent surveys indicat e Temporary Numbers & Privacy : need for anonymity and privacy when communicating with strangers (in classified/private listing sites) Work-Life Balance : growing need to achieve a work-life blend lifestyle, being productive from anywhere and using some “downtime” effectively Social Communications : shift to mobile, as revenues move from the desktop to the handset; the next billion Internet users will be wireless, not fixed Separating Personal and Work Data : dual-identity offerings enabling users to separate personal and work data are gaining favor. These solutions have to concomitantly tackle corporate data confidentiality and employee privacy Device Overload : a recent study pegged an average of 5 devices owned by a typical user between work and home. Device convergence is happening while the demand for dual-SIM card and unlocked handsets is also rising.

Bridging the Gap between Personal / Work Communications:

Bridging the Gap between Personal / Work Communications 5 Vendors have used a host of different approaches in helping users reach a good balance between their personal and work communication experience: Solution Type Examples Drawbacks Offerings that create temporary numbers Burner (Ad Hoc Labs), Hushed App ( AffinityClick Inc.), Movius myIdentities Cumbersome from a usability perspective (calling party must know the user’s new number every time) Enterprise VoIP clients that come with alternative phone numbers Line2, Onebox , RingCentral , Movius myIdentities Only give access to specific apps, restricting productivity Offering a new phone number for long distance (LD) arbitrage Truphone , ( Tyntec ), Movius myIdentities Too simple a solution and does not offer a comprehensive service set Desktop virtualization solutions VMware’s Horizon Mobile, Red Bend Software’s TRUE Requires hypervisor support, is usually not as scalable, entails offline computing and is more power-intensive BYOD dual persona workplace solutions AT&T Toggle, Samsung Knox, Comverse ONE, BlackBerry Balance, Movius myIdentities MDM solutions typically restrict personal apps; dual persona offers have a variance in feature sets and pricing

Addressing the Market Gap:

Addressing the Market Gap 6 In order to address the market personal/work gap, a different approach is required, i.e., one that meets the following needs: Offers integrated/enabling mobility Can support home line extension/replacement Doesn’t require an extra SIM card (i.e., for dual-SIM card device) or SIM replacement (like while traveling) Provides the multi-persona/workspace service Enables split billing to help the carrier generate extra revenue streams, simplify enterprise auditing and provide employee privacy Does not rely only on VoIP Enables Wi-Fi on/offloading Does not require a smartphone: useful for emerging markets where feature phones are still heavily used; code portability via USSD or SMS is desirable Can handle the dual persona aspect from a BSS/OSS point of view without the need to audit an employee’s bill or rely on monthly stipends

Evaluating the Total Addressable Market (TAM):

Evaluating the Total Addressable Market (TAM) The global demand for the Identity-as-a-Service offering is quite robust, with more than 1.1B subs interested in the service, led by APAC with 600.8M users Regional TAMs are also strong, with the global market potential reaching annual service revenues over the $20B mark Model based on single/multi-line, smartphone/feature phone, pre/post-paid, and enterprise/consumer subs 7 Source : Frost & Sullivan


8 Conclusions Ongoing trends such as BYOD, establishing the right work/life balance and being able to establish a dual persona approach for both smart and feature phones suggest that the market is ripe for adopting such a solution. At the same time, service providers need a partner that can provide innovative solutions that can deliver OTT services in an agile fashion. From all the vendors analyzed for an Identity-as-a-Service VAS offering, Movius’ myIdentities solution stands out, meeting the most requirements while offering the highest degree of flexibility. Carrier benefits include new revenue generation, circuit switched/VoIP support, elimination of phone subsidies, prepaid engine/integration, split billing for voice/data for each identity, and support of a wide handset gamut. Enterprise advantages include multiple TDM/VoIP line support, deployment ease, security/anonymity/privacy for each identity, multi-person/MDM agnostic (container management and/or security as an “overlay” to MDM) End-user benefits include ease of use/deployment, no need for a multi-SIM phone, mobility and virtual presence in different cities (for SOHOs, SMBs)

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