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Bring Your Cause to Life with Virtual Reality and Enable Virtual Donations with Payscout Payscout remains at the forefront of changing how and where we spend our money. A leader in mobile payment processing Payscout embraces innovation and technology to continually improve their offerings. Currently they are adapting and driving payments in virtual reality VR. When a donor is filled with emotion by your mission and the causes you support donations flow your way. Imagine immersing a donor inyour cause giving them a front-row seat to your mission. That is a futuristic ideal that is quickly becoming a reality with VR. Virtual reality utilizes an electronic device your phone or tablet to create a simulation of the real world. Appearing in three dimensions and actively engaging the senses VR experiences empower the user tointeract and explore the environment they see around them while feeling completely immersed in the VR world. VR is commonly called an “empathy machine” that allowsusers to walk a mile in the shoes of another person. Creating a virtual world that conveys the urgency of the need or depth of the problem will move and inspire potential donors—and integrating payment acceptance in the VR experience will allow the user to take action and make a donation while still in the experience. Big-name nonprofits are already utilizing the technology of VR including Amnesty International. Their Fear of the Sky VR experience allows users to walk through the heartbreaking world of war-torn Syria while a narrator details the risks they are taking by exploring.

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The technology doesn’t end there. Virtual donations are an easy add-on to your mission’s VR experience. With Payscout VR donations are simple and easy. The Payscout VR Commerce app includes a menu-driven checkout experience that allows donors to pay easily and securely. Streamline all of your donations not just the ones that happen virtually with Payscout’s non profit payment processing. With a single Payscout merchant account you can process all types of donations through the same system—regardless of whether your donors are online mobile on-site or in VR. From utility payment processing to international payment processing Payscout has the solutions to move your business forward. Embrace payment technology at