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Google Adwords and What We Do in Adwords?:

Google Adwords and What We Do in Adwords ?


Click Performance Analysis


During Click performance Analysis, we will check Valid Clicks Invalid Clicks This helps to evaluate how effectively we are communicating with the searcher audience. It determines the relevancy and effectiveness of the campaign.

Geographic Performance Analysis:

Geographic Performance Analysis


Here, we will track locations or places where the customers are physically located or the locations they show interest in. It helps us to understand how our ads are doing in various locations. The added advantage of this analysis is, we can set a budget by geographic locations that are performing well.

Network Performance Analysis :

Network Performance Analysis


During this analysis we will track, Ad performance based on what network the ads are being shown in, including “Search Partners”.


Impression Share Performance Analysis


It helps to Increase the visibility of ads Identify the strength of the keyword set Identify areas of missed opportunity because of budget constraints

Campaign Performance Analysis:

Campaign Performance Analysis


During this analysis, we will see Performance of the campaign at a macro level

Conversions Performance Analysis:

Conversions Performance Analysis


During this stage, we will identify How well the ad campaign is generating leads, sales, downloads, email sign ups, etc. The data covered by conversion tracking lets us to evaluate which areas of the campaign are working and not working, so we can optimize bids, ad text and keywords.


Ad Group Performance Analysis


During this period. We can track Performance of your ad Overall performance of the Adgroups


Ad Performance Analysis


Here, we will analyze the performance of the ads in the campaigns. In addition, it gives a clear insight of how various text, display ads are performing.


Keyword Performance Analysis


In this stage, we will check Performance of the keywords from a specific time period and how they are performing by match type. Based on this, we can run a keyword diagnosis to review the keyword quality score.


Search Query Performance Analysis


It gives an insight into which queries aren’t working and which queries are working better that our expectation. Here, we will see the keywords that we are bidding on along with actual queries that are driving traffic to the website.

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