6 Serious Warning Signs That Indicate Health Concerns in Dogs

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6 Serious Warning Signs That Indicate Health Concerns in Dogs


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6 Serious Warning Signs that Indicate Health Concerns in Dogs If you are thinking that it would be easier to detect health warning signals in your furry pal then you are in for a reality check. Just like kitties pooches are good at hiding their illnesses. It has usually been found that by the time you come to realize about the ill health of your fur baby it is probably too late to take any action. To keep you interested in this topic we have highlighted some warning signs that point towards serious health concerns in dogs. If you observe any of these warning signs in your pet rush to your veterinarian immediately: Lethargy There are times when dogs depict laziness droopiness and excessive sleep and sometimes refuse to move around. These things can point that your furry pal is suffering from an illness. There can be various possibilities like heartworm infection nausea or urinary tract disease. Hence it is recommended to take your fur baby to the veterinarian at the earliest. Trouble During Urination If your pooch finds it difficult to urinate it can be a sign that he is suffering from urinary tract disease or blockage. If this sign does not clear in a day’s time it is recommended to take your furry pal to the veterinarian. Straining or excessive urination can be a sign of tumor.

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Scooting The Booty Dragging or scooting a canine booty on the floor can indicate that there are worms inside the body of your pet. The very first time you observe this behavior in your canine rush to your veterinarian for a treatment. It can be a case where fluid buildup in the anal sacs require to be drained. This is a must for every dog scooting his booty. Excessive Thirst If your doggy has been drinking excessively combined with abdominal tightness diarrhea gagging or a resistance to move it can be a sign of gastric torsion or bloat. It can even point towards disease like diabetes kidney or liver disease endocrine disorders or bladder stones. Always be vigilant towards the empty water bowls and excessive potty trips. Loss Of Appetite It has been observed that due to changes in environment or during traveling dogs lose their appetite to eat. If this behavior continues for more a day there is a cause of concern. Some of the possibilities of lack of appetite can be due to liver or heart disease a blockage in the stomach or intestines and nausea. It can even be due to the fact that it has been a very hot day which makes the dog resistant to eat anything. There are certain dog breeds that are difficult eaters and they can go without food for a couple of days. Hence also consider these facts while observing the behavior of your tyke. Excessive Weight Loss If your pooch has lost weight swiftly it can be due to diabetes loss of smell digestive disorders nervous system disease lactation or liver disease. There are certain warning signs that can wait for a day before you take any action. While others need immediate veterinarian attention. If you are unsure whether your doggy is depicting these signs due to health reasons the best way to resolve it is by taking your fur baby to the veterinarian for an immediate checkup. Always give heartworm preventative treatments to your doggy on a timely basis and keep the vaccinations up to date. This would keep your furry pal stay in the pink of h i s h e a l

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