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Child Development (7-12 months):

Child Development (7-12 months) Presentation by Paul Kudlick & Ryan Oliveira

Gross motor skills:

Gross motor skills Balance while sitting, sits alone and for long periods of time. Bounces on butt while sitting. Pushes up on hands and knees and rocks. Crawls with an object in both or one hand. Helps with standing, sometimes uses furniture. Can stand firmly on legs when held in a standing position. Begins to experiment with stepping movements. Lowers self to sitting from standing. Begins to cruise (sidesteps along furniture)

Fine motor skills:

Fine motor skills Begins to reach, grab, and put objects in mouth. Can pinch small objects between thumb and pointer finger. Picks up and drops toys. Bangs objects together. Lets go of objects intentionally. Can put things in and out of containers with large openings. May hold a spoon or cup but cannot yet feed independently. Wave hello and goodbye.

Visual motor skills:

Visual motor skills Locates objects to be avoided when moving towards a goal. Imitates a variety of body movements. Can locate objects pointed at by another person. Accurately places objects into a container and can search for contents that are removed. Plays peek-a-boo. Recognizes familiar objects up to 20 feet away. Increasing ability to shift visual attention from near to far spaces.

10 Month Old Motor Skills:

10 Month Old Motor Skills

Cognitive development:

Cognitive development Begins to distinguish unfamiliar objects and people from the familiar. Imitates body movements and expressions of others. Body movements become more intentional (reaches into or behind something to grab a specific toy) Begins to realize the impact of their actions. Develops simple problem solving skills, cause and effect. Begins to organize and classify objects.

Communication :

Communication Babbles with various sounds, gets closer to real speech. Laughs, giggles, and coos with familiar people. Turns towards new sounds. Babbles and makes noises to get attention. Responds to their own name when said. Heightened interest in faces. Attempts to imitate sounds and facial expressions. Begins to say first words, often momma or dada. Starts to repeat sounds or syllables. Start being more expressive to show how they feel (smiling or crying). Shows strong affection towards familiar people.

Social and emotional development:

Social and emotional development Clear emotional expressions. Begin to show displeasure at unfortunate circumstances such as losing a toy or spilling food. Respond to others when being spoken to or gestured at. Start to understand the emotions of others from their tone of voice, volume, and body language. Usually around the age where they find comfort in sucking their thumb or clinging to a special object like a blanket. Expresses joy when a familiar person or toy is presented to them. Begins to learn who is family and who are strangers. Cry when parents leave. Gives affection and love. Learns the meaning of simple commands like “no”. Imitates sounds and actions of others. At times fearful of situations that are unfamiliar to them.

12 Month Old Communication:

12 Month Old Communication

Play Styles and toys:

Play Styles and toys At this age most of the play is spent either observing others playing or solitary play. During solitary play the child may focus on learning cause and effect by dropping or throwing toys to see what happens. Towards 12 months the child may begin to categorize, group, and stack objects. This is the time when they become very curious of their surrounding and begin to experiment with different types of play. As sitting tolerance and attention span increases they may sit at a toy or game station for 15+ minutes.

Toys and games:

Toys and games Kicking/throwing around a ball. Playing with blocks (stacking in later months) Playing peek-a-boo with a family member. Scribbling on paper with crayons (grip not yet defined).

11 Month Old Playing with Blocks:

11 Month Old Playing with Blocks


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