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GENERAL PHYSICIAN A general physician is a doctor who specializes in all kinds of general diseases affecting the body. Its treatment doesnt include surgery. He is a doctor who treats severe and persistent illnesses and provides medicines and health education to patients. Their duties are not restricted to a particular or certain organ but they have skills to treat people with various health issues. They can treat patients of any age group or sex. In the chain of healthcare the general physician is the first doctor with whom a patient comes in contact. They treat people who are suffering from fever vomiting weakness headache diarrhea blood pressure etc. They also perform minor surgeries. If needed they also suggest some tests that the patient needs to undergo like ultrasounds ECGs sugar and blood tests which help in diagnosing a disease better while suggesting the best treatment for ones ailment. If they feel that the disease is tough to treat or requires specialized care they refer the patient to another doctor who is a specialist in that field of medicine. General physicians can appraise and pick drugs or medication that are best for the patients health. They can also advise the patient for some medical therapies if needed. They are well- trained doctors who deal with the social and psychological impact of any disease. They are good at treating numerous illnesses in a patient. Naturally general physicians are doctors who hold the experience and a degree in their field. By simply observing a patients nails hands skin eyes or mouth they can diagnose the patients disease. Before setting out any treatment for the patient they first check their previous health issues or any allergy that the patient may have had before. They will subsequently seek information about the patients current symptoms and their duration. They also enquire about other issues the individual in question may be experiencing.

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The doctor then prescribes drugs or medications that suit the patient after assessing their medical history. They have a unique combination of knowledge. General physicians have to keep a record for all patients they treat. As far as follow-ups are concerned some patients are to be checked up regularly while others on a weekly or monthly basis. By updating the records the doctor can remember a patients history. A general physicians recommendation is usually considered when a patient undergoes surgery to ascertain any underlying risks associated with the same. If there is a possibility of a risk the doctor suggests the measures that can be undertaken to reduce or minimize them. Further course of action is decided based upon their recommendations. Any past illnesses or related aspects should not be kept a secret for ones well-being.