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When no medications or injections work, Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson's in UAE is the last resort. Although complicated and chancy, the surgery is what can certainly improve the quality of life of a patient.


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Just like a leader leads an entire organization with his judgments and decisions our brain leads the entire body into doing what it does. This 1.5 kg organ is what is responsible for the way our head jaws neck arms legs and other body organs move thanks to the billions of neurons nerves and blood vessels it houses which control every function of the body. Isn’t it fascinating How does the brain work Getting down into the details the hormones and enzymes within the body transfer information from the brain to other parts of the body through the neurons and nerves. For instance Dopamine is one particular substance that is responsible for controlling the movements of a body. It acts as a messenger between the substantia nigra and corpus striatum both two crucial areas of the brain. This dopamine helps the brain control the way we sit stand walk run and execute every kind of daily chore. What if the brain do es n’t work like it should

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You may have seen many people being unable to control their movements. For instance some people may experience rigid or slow movements others may experience continuous shaky movements of their head or limbs. Have you wondered why this is so It is because the brain does not function the way it should like described above. When there is no control of the brain over the movement of the body parts it can lead to a variety of movement disorders one of the most common one being Parkinson’s Disease. What is P a rki n s o n’ s Disease Parkinson’s Disease is one of the most common movement disorders seen across the globe which is characterized by loss of muscle control which eventually leads to trembling of the limbs stiffness and slowness of movement. It is the lack of Dopamine that results in such problems because the deficiency of the hormone hampers the communication between the substantia nigra and corpus striatum. However the exact reason behind the lack of the hormone is yet unknown How can P a rk i ns o n’ s Disease be treated While there is no permanent cure to Parkinson’s Disease there are certain ways in which you can control and manage the symptoms. The initial stages of the disorder could be managed with the help of medications or injections to be taken on a regular basis. However if the condition worsens the last resort is then a surgery known as the Deep Brain Stimulation surgery. This surgery cannot cure Parkinson’s Disease but it has certainly proven to be effective at controlling the symptoms of tremors stiffness and slowness better. What is Deep Brain Stimulation The Deep Brain Stimulation surgery involves four basic components – electrodes placed in the brain a pacemaker installed into the chest to send signals to the electrodes wires to connect the electrodes and pacemaker and a remote control placed outside the body to control the entire program. The electrodes and pacemaker are placed in the brain and chest area respectively and connected with the help of wires. The scalp is first numbed after which a wire frame is inserted within following which a brain scan is done to create a map that can help to effectively navigate the brain. Next a small hole is made in the skull through which a probe is inserted and attached to the wire frame in order to find the ideal space to place the electrodes. After the electrodes and wires are placed the hole is closed with stitches and a cap

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is placed over it. Next comes the insertion of the pacemaker. After putting the patient under general anaesthesia the pacemaker is carefully placed in the chest area under the skin near the collarbone. The wires attached into the brain are then guided down to this area and connected. The generator is then programmed to send continuous electrical pulses to the brain which can be turned on or off using a remote control. After the surgery As we already stated above remember that this surgery is not a permanent one. First and foremost you will need to be very careful during the first few weeks of the surgery until all the swellings have gone down and your body is confirmed to work normally. Then you will be given six sessions over six months to keep a check and adjust the settings of the machine if required. Other than that you will require an annual check-up and maintenance right up till you have the components installed within your body to see if everything is alright and whether you need any kind of component replacements or adjustments. The Deep Brain Stimulation surgery is certainly a complex procedure and also has its own side effects. But the benefits that it brings can certainly improve the quality of life of patients by controlling their movements and helping them live independently rather than having to rely on someone else for even the most basic chores. This is why most Parkinson’s Disease patients opt for this surgery. If you are one such unfortunate patient you could also always walk into Dr. Shivam Mittal’s clinic to have a successful a Deep Brain Stimulation for P a r ki ns o n’ s in UAE. Here you will first be thoroughly checked only after which will it be decided as to whether you actually require the surgery or your symptoms can be controlled and managed with the help of P a rki ns o n’ s Disease medications or injections. So worry not when you’re at Dr. Shivam Mittal’s you know that you’ll only get the most genuine treatments done. For more information visit: