Deep Brain Stimulation - The Before And After


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Deciding whether or not to undergo Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson's in UAE can be a tough decision to make, but there are amazing benefits that you can have after the surgery, to certainly improve your quality of life.


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Deep Brain Stimulation – The Before And After – Dr. Shivam Mittal If you or someone you love is living with Parkinson’s disease you very well know what the pain is about. It isn’t only physical but mental too. When you can’t control your own movements just the way you want to you ultimately have to start depending on external help or slowly get bed ridden. In any case you not only have physical discomfort but also mental stress too. This is the reason why so many patients living with Parkinson’s disease go into depression Whether it is you or your loved one you wouldn’t want anyone to become a victim of depression would you So while there’s still time left take a step and opt for Deep Brain Stimulation for Par k i n s o n ’ s in UAE. This is a surgery that involves placing small electrodes into the regions of the brain that are responsible for controlling movements. These electrodes are charged with a stimulator implanted in the chest area which delivers signals to emit continuous electrical impulses so that the movements are controlled. We know it may sound terrifying but this surgery has proven to be a very successful one for Parkinson’s patients around the world Obviously any kind of surgery could be petrifying to even think about and so is the case with Deep Brain Stimulation too. And

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before undergoing the surgery there is certainly a lot to think about for example you’ll want to consider how your life will change after the surgery. So let’s help you know how you’ll live life after Deep Brain Stimulation that you are incapable of living now. Life before Deep Brain Stimulation Before you undergo the surgery you may be affected by the initial or later stages of Parkinson’s disease. Depending upon the stage you may experience tremor cramping stiffness slow movements gait issues and dyskinesia. Such symptoms may slowly and gradually lead to fatigue anxiety and depression. All of this can be frustrating and disruptive. But Deep Brain Stimulation has the potential to change the scenario Life after Deep Brain Stimulation First and foremost with the signals being continually transmitted by the stimulator in the chest to the electrodes in the brain the movement of your body can be controlled. Also it helps you get back to your active lifestyle again thus helping you socialize and mix up with fellow friends again. All in all it can bring your life back Moreover when you undergo this surgery your dependence on other pills can be reduced up to 75 This can definitely have a profoundly positive impact on your body as any kind of medication when works for one disease definitely impacts another part of the organ in any direct or indirect way. Are you a good candidate for Deep Brain Stimulation If you’re thinking about Deep Brain Stimulation you first need to know if you are a good candidate for the surgery or not. If not you could be in for trouble. So avoid any problems in the future by

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considering a few factors to determine whether or not you can opt for the Deep Brain Stimulation surgery. You are a good candidate for the surgery provided that –  Your motor symptoms respond well to levodopa  Your medication isn’t controlling your tremor anymore  You aren’t able to control your off-times even with medication  You have intolerable side-effects from the medications prescribed  Your body can handle any implantations and incisions Deciding whether or not to get the surgery done takes a great deal of research and thought. It is critical that you discuss with the right people. Hence once you feel that you should be a good candidate and that you are ready for it you can then approach a specialist to finalize on your idea of the surgery. Dr. Shivam Mittal is one trustworthy doctor you can get in touch with to consult everything about Deep Brain Stimulation for Par k i n s o n ’ s in UAE. For more Information: