Tips to Choose the Perfect Indoor Birthday Party Venue in London

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slide 1: 1 Tips to Choose the Perfect Indoor Birthday Party Venue in London Throwing a party is not as much of a hectic task as it is spending time in choosing the perfect venue for the party. It precisely depends on what kind of a party you want to have is it a huge larger than life event or a small and intimate birthday party with a few close loved ones or is it somewhere in the middle of the two It doesnt matter if its your 1st-year-old childs birthday or 50 above dads birthday the first thing to do is to make a list of things you need to follow and plan things accordingly. Your guest list will decide a suitable venue to accommodate the guests. Since you are calling the guest to a different venue for your kids birthday party it is obviously going to be a huge thing. Everyone will look forward to the venue so you might as well not disappoint them.

slide 2: 2 These are the things you should consider before finalising the indoor birthday party places for your kids birthday party. 1. Consider the location While choosing the venue of the party you need to consider it by keeping the distance in mind. Choose a place thats close to your house so its easy for you to carry any props or other such stuff along. Also you must be expecting a lot of kids as guests you have to be a bit more considerate while choosing the venue. Make sure it falls somewhere in the middle of your house and your kids friends house. 2. Is it spacious You have to see if the venue you choose has as much space to fit the number of people you are inviting. The venue should have ample space for you to accommodate 100 or so guests under one roof. Feel free to ask about every little detail you have regarding the space of the venue be it information about restroom and sanitary facilities of the venue. 3. Inquire about the place ’s catering services

slide 3: 3 Make sure the venue you chose has an excellent birthday catering services. Every successful party spins around the quality food you serve to your guests. Look what ’s on the menu for the day and you can even customize the chef ’s menu and also DIY the foods and drinks if you wish to. The cake is going to be a show stopper at the party you can even get your cake prepared as per your theme. And while choosing the catering services ensure that you know the prices of every dish mentioned in the menu. A neat tabletop arrangement with a nicely folded napkin and the placing of cutlery will have an impact on the entire theme of the party. 4. Do they have a party planner These days a lot of indoor birthday party venues in London provide party planner along with other services. And if you are a rookie in party planning a party planner is a great choice to go with. An event planner will be a good helping hand they can even help you with the budget. Also if the budget is limited they know how to get things done right. Party planners are highly skilled and experienced they can shape your ideas well execute them and make your visions come alive. That will have their professional touch as well.

slide 4: 4 5. Inquire about the parking facility Checking on parking facility is a must since you will be inviting so many guests to the party they need proper parking facilities to ensure their vehicles are safe. Having a massive lot for parking might seem impossible but you can make some arrangements by hiring multi-parking facility or nearby parking areas of others. 6. How is the venue going to entertain your guests A party calls for some fun and entertainment for your guests. If it was an outdoor party you could have plenty of options such as bouncy castles etc. But since its an indoor party you have to ask your venue about the type of entertainment they are going to provide. Choose the kind of games that involve all age groups and keep everyone engaged. Arrange some magic show if your budget allows you to or hire a clown or a cartoon character for the kids at the party. 7. Go for a place with out of the box theme

slide 5: 5 Setting a theme can be a tricky and challenging task. You have to play smart if you are integrating a theme in your party especially with the limited budget. Choose a theme that doesnt entirely depend on the decor this will drain all your money in the decorations. Instead go for a theme that works around the kids dressing differently involving props making it interesting for them and serves the theme of the party as well. Summary Lastly remember to take the ambience of the place into consideration see if its friendly inviting and comforts the kids and also a little playful as well. Plan party according to your budget make sure you do not compromise on anything and work smart when running low on budget. And eventually make the party fun as well as loving. Engage the kids in friendly activities that help them connect more this will also keep the party well organized and avoids chaos.

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