Fun Game Ideas for Your Kid's Birthday Party

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The birthday party of your kid will turn out to be a lot of fun if you interact well with the kids your child is friends with. There are plenty of game ideas that you can incorporate in the party and also unique gift ideas for kids as well.


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slide 1: 1 Fun Game Ideas for Your Kids Birthday Party and How to Play Them A child ’s birthday is indeed very special to the parents. Throwing a wonderful party bringing cake and gift bags inviting friends and family and treat for everyone who attends the party. Kids Birthday Party Birthdays are fun but incomplete without the games to keep your guests kids entertained. There are plenty of game ideas that you can incorporate in the party for kids.

slide 2: 2 Here ’s a List of Few Such Ideas Have a Look: Keep a few things in mind while choosing the games for the party as follows:  Consider the average age of the children attending the party plan games that work for all the age groups without planning for any specific age groups.  Try and add light-hearted and fun games where kids not only have fun but also bond with one another.  Keep the games short long games can drop the level of enthusiasm in kids they are always looking for something new and exciting surprise them throughout the party.  Plan games well be prepared for the consequences make sure you can handle all the kids in the games you choose and try to avoid chaos.  Lastly ensure you have some unique gift ideas for kids who win. Fun Game Ideas For the Kid ’s Birthday Party 1. Balloon Bursts This game is fun-filled and is best suited for the kids over 4 years of age. All you have to do is write some challenges on chits and insert them in different balloons before you inflate them. The kids will have to bop the balloon in the air for as long as the music plays. Once the music stops the last kid to touch the balloon has to pop it and perform the challenge written within it.

slide 3: 3 Kids Birthday Party Decoration 2. Pin the Tail on the Donkey Stick the picture of a donkey without a tail on the pinboard. Ask the kids to stand at some distance away from the picture and give each of them a tail. You have to blindfold the kids and instruct them in a way that they pin the tail as accurately as possible. Once every kid is done declare the kid that pinned the tail closest to the target as a winner.

slide 4: 4 3. Three-Legged Race If you are planning for an outdoor game session the three-legged race is one of the fun games you can indulge the kids in. It has two members in one team. One leg of both the kids are tied together with a rope so that to move forward they have to move in sync with each other. Now the kids have to race and reach the finish line as fast as they can. The one team that crosses the finish line first is a winner.

slide 5: 5 4. Escape the Monster An exciting game to keep all the kids engaged this one is an outdoor game too as you will need a lot of space to play. Ask the kids to spread out and pick one kid to play a monster. The kids run around saving themselves from being caught by the monster. If the monster catches them they too turn into a monster. Kids who have turned monsters have to play monsters and catch the other kids this way the last kid to remain will be a winner.

slide 6: 6 Birthday Party Games 5. Simon Says ‘Simon says ’ is one of the classic games that is a lot of fun and get you a lot of giggles as well. It can be played by kids of all ages and adults as well. Select an adult or two as a leader Simon. Now the kids have to follow whatever they are asked to by Simon but the catch is they only have to follow when the leader begins the command with ‘Simon Says. ’ this game can be a lot of fun for the leader and make kids act out some silly things to keep the fun going throughout the party. The kid ’s who follow the command that was not begun with ‘Simon says ’ are eliminated.

slide 7: 7 In Summary The birthday party of your kid will turn out to be a lot of fun if you interact well with the kids your child is friends with. The key to a successful party is planning and organising the event in a way that keeps the kids engaged and excited throughout the party. End the party on a good note arrange kids party bags for all the kids who attended the party as a token of gratitude.