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To develop the social skills of your child there are few manners that every kid should know such as good table manners, way to greet someone, say please & thank you, cover mouth when they cough and so on. To get more information about good manners for kids, visit


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Set your child up for success by starting to practice good etiquette early — and don’t hesitate to nag them gently until good manners become second nature. And always lead by example! GOOD MANNERS FOR KIDS

Say “Please” and “Thank You”:

Say “Please” and “Thank You” “ Please” and “thank you” should be among the first words that your child learns. Practice relentlessly: Whether it is for a toy or a service, remind your child to ask politely and thank whoever did them a favor .

How to Greet Someone :

How to Greet Someone If your child is not comfortable with greeting someone, even a relative, with a kiss or hug, they should still know how to offer a firm handshake.

Good Table Manners :

Good Table Manners Good table manners make any meal, either inside or outside of the home, a lot more pleasant. Practice every day as a family how to use utensils, wipe your mouth with a napkin, eat with your mouth closed, and ask politely to pass the food they want over the table.

Write Thank You Notes :

Write Thank You Notes Thank you notes might be a dying art, but the gift giver always appreciates them. Don’t treat these as a chore — make them into a fun art project. Let your child personalize them with stickers and drawing to encourage them to write thank you letters for each present they receive.

Cover Your Mouth When You Cough :

Cover Your Mouth When You Cough Not covering their mouth with the cough is not only rude, it can also be unhealthy. Teach your child to cough in his or her elbow to avoid spreading germs, and about good hygiene in general.

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