Dog breeds of the world

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Dog breeds of the world


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DOG BREEDS Dr. Pardhasaradhi M.V.Sc .(LPM)

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group Examples of breeds Original uses Terrier Airedale Terrier, Bedlington Terrier, Bull Terrier, Calrn Terrier, Irish Terrier, Fox Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier Originally used in catching prey such as foxes, badgers, and rabbits Working Collie, Boxer, Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd, and St. Bernard Guards, guides, and herders such as muscular, even-tempered, and obedient Sporting Pointers, Retrievers, Setters, and Spaniels Sective dogs - hunt by air scent Hound Beagles, Foxhounds, and Bloodhounds Track their prey by ground scent Greyhound type such as Whippets, Borzois, and Salukis Hunt mainly by sight Herding Collie, Australian Shepherd, Corgi Drive livestock and keep farm animals from straying Toy Pekinese, Pomeranian, and Pug Pets and companions Non-sporting Boston Terrier, Bulldog, Chow, Dalmatian, and Poodle Bred principally as pets and companions

The FCI (Federation cynologique Internationale) Grouping of Dog Breeds :

The FCI (Federation cynologique Internationale) Grouping of Dog Breeds 1.Sheep dogs and Cattle dogs (other than Swiss cattle dogs) Sheep dogs Cattle dogs 2. Pinschers, Schnauzers, Mastiffs ( Molossians ) and Swiss mountain & cattledogs Pinscher & Schnauzer Mastiffs ( Molossians ) Swiss Mountian & Cattle Dogs 3.Terriers Large Terries Small Terriers Bull Terriers Toy Terriers 4.Dachshunds (Teckels) Miniature Standard

The FCI Grouping of Dog Breeds :

The FCI Grouping of Dog Breeds 5.Primitive type dogs and Spitzes Nordic Sled Dogs Nordic Hunting Dogs Nordic Watchdogs and Herders European Spitz Asian Spitz & Related Breeds Primitive types (Caanan dog, Basenji, hairless breeds) Primitive type hunting dogs (podengos) Primitive type hunting dogs with ridged backs (Thai Ridgeback)

The FCI Grouping of Dog Breeds :

The FCI Grouping of Dog Breeds 6.Scent hounds and related breeds Scent Hounds Scent Hounds hunted on leash Related Breeds (Dalmatian, Rhodesian Ridgeback) 7.Pointers Continental Pointing Dogs United Kingdom Pointing Dogs 8.Retrievers, Water Dogs and Flushing Dogs Retrievers Flushing Dogs Water Dogs

The FCI Grouping of Dog Breeds :

The FCI Grouping of Dog Breeds 9.Companions and Toys Bichons & Related breeds Poodles Small Belgian Dogs Small Hairless Dogs Tibetan Breeds Chihuahua English Toy Spaniels Japanese Chin & Pekinese Continential Toy Spaniels Kromfohrl䮤er Toy Bull breeds 10.Sighthounds (Windhounds) Longhaired and Fringed Windhounds Wire Coated Windhounds Short Haired Windhounds


BRITISH KENNEL CLUB CLASSIFICATION OF DOMESTIC DOGS Dogs have been classified into the following 6 main groups on the basis of body size, morphology, behaviour, place of breeding (origin) and utility. Non-sporting Breeds (Working Group) Non-sporting Breeds (Utility Group) Gun Dogs Hound Breeds Toy Breeds Terrier Breeds

The AKC Grouping of Dog breeds :

The AKC Grouping of Dog breeds Sporting Hounds Working Terriers Toys Non-Sporting Herding Miscellaneous

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Non-sporting Breeds (Working Group) Non-sporting Breeds (Utility Group) Gun Dogs Hound Breeds Toy Breeds Terrier Breeds Alsatians (German Shepherd) Boxer Bullmastiff Great Dane St. Bernard Rottweiler Mastiff Bulldog Chow Chow Poodle (Standard) Dalmatian Lhasa Apso Irish Setter Cocker Spaniel Pointer Golden Retriever English Setter Labrador Retriever Dachshund Basset Hound Beagle Portuguese Warren Hound Swedish Foxhound Rhodesian Ridgeback Pekingese Pomeranian Pug Italian Greyhound Chihuahua (Long Coat) Maltese Chihuahua (Smooth Coat) Border Terrier Scottish Terrier Bull Terrier Miniature Bull Terrier Australian Terrier Norfolk Terrier Bedlington Terrier

Classification of dog breeds:

Classification of dog breeds As per the American kennel club classification of dogs 1. Sporting breeds 2. Non sporting breeds 3. Working breeds 4. Hound breeds 5. Terrier breeds 6. Toy breeds



Labrador retriever:

Labrador retriever New foundland

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Ears large and hanging close to the head Tail is thick at the root and tapering towards at the end short coat, dense, smooth and glossy Active dog of strong body

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Colour – black,chocolate or yellow and free from markings. Height – 50-60 cm and weight – 25-35kg

Golden retriever:

Golden retriever Scotland Active and powerful Coat flat or wavy and dense with water resistant under coat. Ears moderate in size. Colour – shade of gold and cream but not red or tan.

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Height – 50-60cm Weight – 30-35kg Tail long, straight and fathered. Tail is thick at the root and tapering towards at the end


Pointer Spain Active dog; compact and muscular body with broad chest. Coat short, fine smooth and uniformly distributed.

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Colour – lemon, orange, lemon and white, black and white. Ears set fairly high, medium sized. Tail fairly long, smooth, tapering. Ht – 60-654cm; Wt. 25-30kg

Cocker Spaniel:

Cocker Spaniel England Small sporting dog of compact body;

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head round with deep and broad muzzle; ears long drooping and covered with fine hair; coat flat, silky, soft and wavy of black, black and tan.

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Tail docked in early life and remains inline with the back. Height – 35-40cm; weight – 11-3kg.

Spinger spaniel:

Spinger spaniel England Sporting dog of medium body, strong and muscular; coat flat or wavy, thick, medium in length, fine and glossy Colour - white / black and white


IRISH SETTER The coat is moderately long and silky and of a deep red color Irish Setters range in height from 64-69 cm males weigh 27–32 kg and females 53 to 64 cm 24–29 kg.



Bull Dog:

Bull Dog England Low statured animal, broad and compact body.

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Heavy head and wrinkled face. Jaws broad and square. Nose short, wide and black.

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Body coat short, fine and smooth. Colour – red, fawn and others. Tail is short and thick. HT – 35-40kg WT – 20-25kg.


Dalmatian Austria Strong dog having muscular body, coat short dense and smooth and white colour with black spots. Tail short, fine and straight. Ht – 50-60cm Wt – 22-25kg


Poodle Germany A small animal with majestic look. Coat thick, curly and puffy. Colours – white, black,brown etc. Ears long wide and drooping. Tail docked and held high Ht- 25-40 Wt – 3-25kg

Lhasa apso:

Lhasa apso Tibet Dogs measure 25-28cms at the withers, and weigh between 6-7kgs. Bitches are slightly smaller. The head is relatively narrow with hair falling over the eyes, a long beard and whiskers. The eyes are dark, medium size and oval. The muzzle is black

Chow chow:

Chow chow China Compact body covered with double coat with wooly outer coat. Erect ears. Coat black, red and fawn and blue. Red (light gold to deep red-brown) Weight 25 to 32 kilograms Height 48–56 cm  



German Shepard:

German Shepard Germany Double coated animal, hair smooth and glossy. Under coat woolly and protected from cold usually grey, dark tan and various shades of black and white. Ht – 60-70cm Wt – 25-35kg

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Ears erect and smooth, well muscled, long neck, long and hairy tail


coolie Scotland Hairy medium sized active dog. Body coat dense, long and double. Ears small and moderately wide Ht- 50-60cm Wt – 20-30kg


Boxer Germany A medium sized sturdy dog with broad head, short nose and strong jaws. Muscular body covered with smooth coat of red fawn colour. Tail placed high and docked. Ht – 45-60cm Wt – 25-30kg

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broad head, short nose and strong jaws.

Doberman pinscher:

Doberman pinscher Germany’ An alert dog, smooth compact and muscular body, coat smooth, short, thick and glossy. Black, brown and blue. Ht – 65-70cm Wt – 25-35.

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Tail docked in early life.

Grate Dane:

Grate Dane Germany, Heavy dog breed . Large sized, muscular and strong animal, coat short, dense, soft and glossy.

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Ears small and erect, face long and narrow. Long and straight tail. Ht- 75 cm Wt – 55 Kg

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Colour – whole black, fawn, pure white with black or blue patches.

Saint Bernard:

Saint Bernard Switzerland One of the heaviest dog with a massive and broad fore head, straight back, deep chest and heavy legs

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Coat short haired/ long haired. Tail set high and long Ht – 65-75cm Wt- 75-90 kg

Bull Mastiff:

Bull Mastiff A large sized animal covered with short and hard body coat. Colour – fawn / red. Tail thick at the root, tapering at the tip Male-50-60kg; 65-70cm Female - 40-50kg; 60-65cm

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Muzzle dark Ears V shaped and turned back. Face broad and wrinkled. Neck strong and muscular.

Hound breeds:

Hound breeds

Grey hound:

Grey hound Egypt Long limbed, slender, thin animal; broad chest and narrow waist; long and narrow face with blunt pointed nose; fine, short and smooth coat. Common colour is red and fawn. Black, white and other colours also acceptable. Tail is low set, tapering and strong Adult male – 70-75cm Adult female – 65-70cm Body weight – 25-35kg

Blood hound:

Blood hound Middle East Body coat is short, smooth and glossy Colour – Black and tan, red and tan or dark, interspersed with light or white hair. Tail is long and tapering Adult male – 65 cm; 40-50kg Adult female – 60cm; 35-50kg

Irish wolf hound:

Irish wolf hound Ireland, Tallest dog in the world Heavy like Great Dane. Long head and slight raised frontal bone, hard and rough coat on the body and long and wiry under the jaw. Ears small, soft and folded. Tail is thick, long, covered with hair and slightly curved. Height – 75-80cm Weight – 45-65 cm


Saluki Ancient breed The coat is flat with light feathering of long length or short length depending on the type. combinations are white with black or "Tricolour" which is blue or liver belton with Tan markings on the face, chest and legs. height for dogs, 19 to 22 inches; for bitches, 18 to 21 inches


Whippet Medium size, giving the appearance of elegance and fitness Neck long, clean and muscular, well arched, various colours present. Coat Short, close, smooth and firm in texture Height for dogs, 19 to 22 inches; for bitches, 18 to 21 inches


FOX HOUND American Foxhound is about 21-25 inches tall and they weigh about 29-34-kgs. Legs are very long and are straight, boned. The ears of the breed are wide and low set.

Basset hound:

Basset hound France Body coat smooth, short, fine and black, white,tan and lemon and in combination. Long tail HT- 32-38cm WT – 10-20Kg

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Long drooping ears.


DASCHSHUND Germany Low set short limbed body with compact and muscular body. ears long and thick with rounded ends Ht- 12-20cm Wt – 8-12 kg

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Low set short limbed body with compact and muscular body. ears long and thick with rounded ends

Afghan hound:

Afghan hound Afghanistan Hairy dogs of varied colour, moderate length, leveled back and well muscled body, drooping, long, hairy ears, long and strong neck, low set tail with ring at the tapering end Adult male – 67-70 Adult female – 63-67 Body weight - 23-28kg




IRISH TERRIER Ireland Irish Terriers are a medium sized breed. They have a hard double coat. Colours vary from golden red, red wheaten, or wheaten. Sometimes they may have small white patch on the chest. Tails usually docked soon after birth. Height - average height for males and females 18 inches Weight - average weight for males and females 11-12 kg


FOX TERRIER England Short, thick, smooth and waterproof outer coat with a soft undercoat. Fox Terriers stand about 15 inches tall at shoulder height and weigh approximately 15 to 20 pounds




SHIH TZU A small dog with a short muzzle and large deep dark eyes, with a soft long, double coat , the Shih Tzu stands no more than 26.7 cm (10 1/2 ins) at the withers and with an ideal weight of 4.5 to 7.3 kg . Drop ears are covered with long fur, and the heavily furred tail is carried curled over the back. The coat may be of any colour, although a blaze of white on the forehead and tail-tip is frequently seen


Pomeranian Poland, Lowest weight in dog breeds. Toy breed, active, outer coat long straight, coarse and thicker around the neck. Under coat soft and wooly. Only whole colour free from any mixture is acceptable. Ears small and erect, tail hairy and carried on the back. Ht – 15-28cm Wt – 1.5-13kg


PUG China Small breed, short back and round ribs. Coat short soft and fine, smooth and glossy. Colour – black, silver or fawn. Ht – 25-30cm Wt- 6-8kg

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Ears ate button shaped.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Tail curved and double folded


Chihuahua Mexico Ht - 15-20cm Wt – 1-2.5 kg


Chihuahua Smallest dog of the world. Fine head, sharp muzzle and erect ears, short smooth coat of different colours


PEKINGESE This lion-like breed is compact and a little longer than it is tall. It has a body with heavier forequarters than hindquarters. The Pekingese has a flat face with long, heart-shaped ears It can be any color with or without markings, however its nose, lips and outline of its eyes are black




RAMPUR HOUND The Rampur Greyhound is native to the Rampur region of Northern India, which lies between Delhi and Bareilly Thin slender dog of bony appearance. Coat short and rough. Colour – fawn to brown colour; ears small and half curved. Chest broad and narrow waist. Tail long and tapering. Ht – 40-60cm Wt – 25-40kg


RAJAPALYAM This breed is a native of Rajapalayam in Tamil Nadu, India which was developed in a hunting dog in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Tall, long, slender with broad chest and narrow waist. Height – 40-50cm.

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The most prized colour is milk white, with a pink nose and golden eyes. However, other colours including spotted or solid, black, and brown, are known to occur. As with many fully white dogs, there is a high incidence of deafness in this breed. Puppies born with whitish or blue eyes are deaf.  An extremely handsome and graceful dog, the Rajapalayam has a gait similar to the trotting of a thoroughbred horse.


BHOTIA Himalayan region Strong and ferocious. Colour – black, black & white, brownish. Ears medium and half curved. Tail thick and hairy. Height - 40-50cm Weight – 15-30kg


GADDI    Heavy and muscular strong animal of active habits; considered to be developed from the wild dog of Yamuna riverine of Meerut region The Gaddi is thought to have been developed by the Asur King Mahidant of Meerut by crossing the wild dingo like hounds Body coat short, close and rough with long hair on thighs and terminal part of tail; body coat may grow longer in winter Coat colour usually dull white with lighter colour on the belly Height 50-70 cm and body weight 25-50 kg; males heavier than females; tail hairy, extends up to hock; ears small and curved.


MUDHOL HOUND The Mudhol Hound is an Indian breed of dog of the sight hound type. The breed is also known as Caravan Hound and the feathered variety is commonly referred to as a Pashmi. In the villages he is known as the Karwani. It is a common companion among village folk in India's Deccan Plateau, who use the dog for hunting and guarding. The head is long and narrow, broad between the ears with a tapering muzzle The nose is large, and may be black, liver, or flesh coloured The males are 68–72 cm in height at the withers and the females are 64–68 cm tall.

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The chest is strong and deep with well sprung ribs. The abdomen is tucked in. The hind quarters appear wide and well-muscled. The tail is strong at the base, not too long, set low and carried in a natural curve There are two coat varieties—one with an entirely smooth coat and the other with silky featherings on the ears, legs, and tail. All colours and combinations of colours are acceptable 


KANNI DOG Dog for the sheep farming in the grazing land. The Kanni is found in and around Tirunelveli,  Kovilpatti, Kazhugumalai, Kileral, Kodangipatti, Sivakasi, and Madurai. It is said that the name Kanni comes from the fact that the dog used to be given as a gift to the bridegroom just before the marriage. They are usually of four colours, brown, cream, black & tan and brindle. The Kanni is kept by families who do not sell them but may gift them if a promise is made to look after them well.

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They are not allowed to roam on the streets and brought up as pet animals. They are given a diet of milk in the morning, corn porridge in the afternoon and a "Ragi" porridge in the evening. Meat is given once a week or once a month only. The breed is now extremely rare, and on the verge of extinction. Efforts to revive the breed have not been taken up, as specimens are few, and there exists little information about them. Found among the flock of Vembur sheep and Kanni goat. It is a good watch  dog.


COMBAI  The Combai is a bear hound found in the south of India This breed of dog  is slightly shorter than the Rajapalayam , but appears heavier because of its powerful build. The Combai is usually red or brown, with a black mask, and with a dark line along the back.

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The chief differences between the Rajapalayam and the Combai breeds are that the Combai has more powerful jaws, often with a black mouth, much more pendent ears, rich red colour and a savage temper. It has, like Rhodesian Ridgeback, a ridge of fur along its back. Their coats are easily maintainable, and are less prone to skin disorders, fungal and yeast infections, and parasite infestation. The breed, having evolved naturally many centuries ago, is more immune to most diseases compared to the man-designed breeds.


CHIPPIPARAI The Chippiparai is a sight hound breed of dog from the south of India. Thought to be a descendant of the Saluki, today it is found in the area around Periyar Lake. It is used primarily for hunting wild boar, deer and hare. It is said to be an excellent hunter, and is also used for guarding the home. The typical color is a silver-grey, with very limited or no white markings. Other colors, particularly variations of grey and fawn, also occur. This is a handsome dog, tall (27-32 inches at the withers) and powerful.

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It has a short coat that is very close; on the whole the coat if kept groomed has a shine on it. A shining, shell-like appearance is greatly desired. This kind of coat makes it ideal for hot climates. This hound is also less prone to ticks and fleas, with their short coat providing easy detection.


Mongrel Non descript dog distributed through out India. There is large variation in their shape, size, body weight and behavior. Colour - red, tan, black, white and mixed. Coat may be difference in size and kind.

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