Dealers of RF Cable,Suppliers of LMR 400 cable & Rf Cables in India

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RF Cable:

RF Cable Dealers of RF Cable

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RF Cable    Pantagone satellite provides coaxial cables for a wide range of applications according to international standards. Continuous further development ensures that the products are perfectly aligned with market requirements and incorporate the latest technology. An innovative development department with in-house test laboratories can react quickly to changing market trends and even develop customer-specific solutions.

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LMR400 Cable Features -   Flexible -Low Loss -Weatherproof -RF Shielding -Phase Stability -Connectors and Assemblies

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Rg 316 Cable Construction   Conductor Insulation 1 st  Shield 2 st  Shield Jacket Diameter 0.53 mm 1.53 mm       Material Silver-Coated Copper Clad Steel FEP Silver-Coated Copper Coverage: 92.3 % Silver-Coated Copper Coverage: 84.2 % FEP Specification Specification:

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M/s Pantagone Satellite Mail Address: A-17, Janki Nagar Near Suyash Hospital Chunabhatti Kolar Road , Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh India  Mail-Id:[email protected]  

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