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Top 9 Things Women Miss About Being Single :

Top 9 Things Women Miss About Being Single It is actually a difficulty to guess what goes in a mind of a woman. Sometime all she wants to be loved and pampered and some other time, she just wants to be independent and free. Although, being in a happy relationship is one of the goals of all the women before they turn 30. Some of these also turn out to be a happy marriage but not always, it might get into the pooper also. Being in a perfect relationship is just amazing and feels amazing all the time but being single have also their own benefits. All the time, there goes so much boastings about being single for women and leading a happy and single life.

Solo trips:

Solo trips This is one dream that each and every girl has. Whie having a romantic partner along with you while you are travelling is fun but solo trips should always be in your checklist if you are single and so this thing is very much missed by girls who are in a relationship.

Unlimited parties and yes, booze:

Unlimited parties and yes, booze Independence and being free from commitment leads you to partying a lot and having fun all the time. Girls also do miss their happening birthday parties and also the gifts they receive. People often like buy gifts for her or send them online through online gifts delivery

Lots of pampering by their friends:

Lots of pampering by their friends Since they don’t have a someone special in their life, rest everybody try to fit into this position for her and pampers her with lots of random gifts for her. Don’t forget the amount of gifts that she always receives from all the male friends in her life who send gifts for her on her special day by online gifts delivery.

Unlimited friend time:

Unlimited friend time By just being in a relationship, you must have to divide your time and dedicate its most proportion to your boyfriend or husband but being single means lots of free time that you can definitely consider sharing with your amazing best friend.

Flirting without feeling guilty:

Flirting without feeling guilty This is another thing that girls miss a lot about being single. It is actually so much fun to casually flirt with good looking guys without any guilt or whatsoever. The beginning phase of the relationships is definitely better with all the rush of excitement and new things like the first kiss. Yes, girls do that all the time. For every milestone they achieve they send gifts for her to herself as self pampering gifts through online gifts delivery.

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