Computer vision syndrome vs Ayurveda

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Computers become a part of life .computer vision syndrome become that much people need an efective treatment Ayurveda offers acurate and efffective treatment.


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The Management of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) By Ayurvedic principles. :

The Management of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) By Ayurvedic principles. By: Dr. Pancha janya Kumar. Deevi P.G Scholar Shalakya- P.G unit. Dept.of.S.S.P Dr. B.R.K.R.Govt. Ayurvedic College, Erragadda Hyderabad 500038.

Contents :

Contents Introduction Causative factors of CVS Signs & Symptoms of CVS Treatment of CVS Preventive measures Conclusion References Acknowledgement

Introduction :

Introduction Computer is becoming a part of life. Though it is having advantage at work, Prolong usage of it causing diseases . Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is current burning problem of its users, mainly in the IT sector. CVS is similar to stress induced diseases like carpal tunnel syndrome. According to National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), CVS affects 90% of computer users who are spending 3hrs or more than that per day.

Introduction :

Introduction In modern system of medicine there is only symptomatic treatment exists. In Ayurvedic system, According to Acharya Susruta CVS is compared with Sushkakshi paka of Sarvagata Netra roga with predominance of Vata and Pitta doshas. We can cure it and prevent it to some extent by Netra kriya kalpas, Nasyam, Siro vasti, Ghrita pana etc. described by ancient Acharyas.

Etiological factors of CVS :

Etiological factors of CVS Working for number of hours continuously without break. Distance from the screen. Glare on the screen. Seating posture. The angle of head to the screen. Illumination at the work place. Infrequent blinking of eyes.

Signs & Symptoms of CVS:

Signs & Symptoms of CVS Head ache. Blurred vision/Double vision. Dry eyes. Red eyes. Eye Irritation. Neck & Shoulder pain. Eye Fatigue.

Signs & Symptoms of CVS:

Signs & Symptoms of CVS The statistical expression of symptoms. The symptoms are arranged on x-axis & the % of severity on the Y- axis.

Treatments of CVS :

Treatments of CVS Need of the treatment : In CVS the visual power as well as working hours per day getting reduced. Improper care leads to further worsening of condition of the patient. Which will effect the person as well as the economy of concerned organiasation. The working hrs α out put = Economy.

Treatments of CVS :

Treatments of CVS CVS is the ailment of 20 th century, so it is new to medical science. According to modern system of medicine- Symptomatic treatments like artificial tears, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops & vitamin supplementation orally. Research is going on its complete cure & prevention.

Treatments of CVS :

Treatments of CVS According to Ayurveda we can compare the CVS with sushkakshi paka of sarvagata Netra roga. It is due to vitiation of Vata & Pitta which can curable with medication. Treatments are mainly divided into two depending up on their modes of administration. Local treatments: are effective and fast acting, kriya kalpas, Nasyam, Siro vasti, Siro dhara etc. Systemic medications: are administered orally powders, pills, and mediated ghee etc

Treatment of CVS :

Treatment of CVS Kriya kalpas mainly used to treat CVS: these are directly administered into the eye. Akshi tarpanam - Keeping medicated ghee in the eye cavity by building a wall around the eye, with the paste made by black gram’s flour. Aschyotanam - Instillation of medicated drops or oils prepared with herbs.

Treatment of CVS:

Treatment of CVS Pindi - Keeping a lukewarm poultice of medicated paste over the closed eye lids. Bidalakam -Keeping lukewarm medicated paste over the closed eye lids as external application.

Treatment of CVS:

Treatment of CVS Sekam - Pouring medicated liquids on the closed eye lids by continuous stream 10-15 minutes. Anjanam -Application of Collyrium in to the eye- inner margin of the lower eyelid from inner canthus to outer canthus.

Treatment of CVS:

Treatment of CVS Nasyam: The medicated oils of Vata subsiding nature will be instilled into the both nostrils. Siro vasti: The medicated oils are kept over the head by making a wall around the scalp with leather. Siro dhara: Pouring medicated oils & liquids over fore-head and scalp by continuous stream 30-45 minutes.

Treatment of CVS:

Treatment of CVS The commonly using medicines for the purpose are: Herbal Powders –Triphala, Satavari, Aswagandha, Yashti madhu, Nimba. Ghee preparations -Triphala Ghritam. Jivantyadi Ghritam, Patoladi ghritam. Collyrium -Rasanjanam. Oils - Gandha tailam, Ksheera bala (101 avartita tailam). Tablets -Saptamrita loham, Nayanamrita loham.

Preventive measures :

Preventive measures Prevention is better than cure. Now a day’s- Avoiding exposure to computer is impossible to professionals. But they can maintain certain guidelines which can make them to prevent to some extent. They are: 1. Eye exercises.

Preventive measures:

Preventive measures 2. Wearing of anti glare lens. 3. Taking breaks at work. 4. Follow Ergonomics

Preventive measures :

Preventive measures 5.Regular usage of Ayurvedic medicine which are rejuvenative to the eyes.

Conclusion :

Conclusion According to Acharya Susruta prevention is the first line of treatment. Ayurveda is providing a better solution to CVS. The formulations and procedures followed by Ayurvedic physicians are time tested & effective in nature. Apart from that they are least harmful to take.


Conclusion Ayurvedic medicines can cross blood aqueous, blood vitreous, blood retinal & blood brain barriers very effectively due to their time of availability & greater penetration capacity. Maximum numbers of ocular formulations given by Acharyas are in pro drug form. It is better to have a regular eye check up & follow the guidelines to prevent CVS.

References :

References Ashtanga sangraha by Prof. K.R.Srikantha Murthy Vol-3 uttara sthana 18 th chapter Sarvakshi roga vignaniya adhyaya. Charaka samhita by Prof. P.V.Sharma Vol-2 chikitsa sthana 26 th chapter Trimarmiya chikitsa. Susruta samhita by Prof. K.R.Srikantha Murthy Vol-3 uttara tantra 6th & 9 th chapters- Sarvagata roga vignaniyam & Vatabhishyanada pratishedam respectively. Vrundamadhava by Dr. Premvati Tewari & Dr. Asha Kumari Vol-2 61 st chapter Netra rogadhikara.


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Acknowledgement 1. Dr. Ch.Ramadevi.M.D, Sr.Lect. 2. Dr. T. Praveen Kumar .M.D, Reader Shalakya P.G Unit, 3. Dr. M. Gurumurthy. M.D, Prof. & H.O.D Dept. Of. SSP, Dr. B.R.K.R. Govt. Ayurvedic College, Erragadda Hyderabad 500038, for their guidance and support.

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