Important Things To Know About Conservation Framing

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Important Things To Know About Conservation Framing Conservation framing refers to the presentation of photos art and other type of memorabilia to protect them with the use of methods and materials to prevent damage. Custom framing services in NYC perform this process which makes use of techniques which are reversible for the photograph artwork or object to remain unharmed if these need to be removed from their frames. Damage to photographs art and memorabilia can always happen without your knowledge. UV bleaching and acidic materials are two of the common slow processes that can lead to damage. Acid damage can make your photos and

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Important Things To Know About Conservation Framing artworks brittle causing the white papers to turn yellow. When the paper has a lower quality there is a higher chance that it will discolor. If you have seen old newspapers you will note that they discolor quickly since these are meant to be disposable. UV bleaching can alter the color of your photos artworks or other objects. The ink and dye used often bleach out at various rates which depend on their chemical nature. For instance there are photos that fade to blue while others fade to red. Effects of Improper Affordable Picture Framing on Photos and Artworks There is simply no room for experimentation when it comes to proper framing. Less is always more as well as time honored matting fitting and mounting techniques together with the use of acid-free and archival or conservation materials create the foundation of a safely and carefully housed work. The use of conservation methods and use of the right materials can evade potential damages caused by incorrect framing and extend the piece’s lifespan. Some of these common issues include the following:  Direct contact between art and glazing where glass can stick to the art and lead to injury to the piece once removed.  Improper mounting which causes slippage with the art becoming compromised.

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Important Things To Know About Conservation Framing  Use of acidic matting materials in the housing. Framing materials’ acid can be transferred through contact to the art which can cause brittleness and discoloration.  Inappropriate glazing as old glass is not UV protected and light causes discoloration on the artwork.  Improper wiring causes an art piece to fall from the wall.  Unstable fitting framing or wiring as structural instabilities cause damage to the art if it is transported or shipped. Conservation Framing Basics It doesn’t matter if you will be framing something that you got through Photoshop at less price for cheap printing because the basics of conservation framing render all these issues to mute. To guarantee that your pieces can last for many generations see to it that your framer will make use of high quality conservation materials which will not cause any negative effect on your art pieces. These include the following  Fine quality of Asian hanging papers  Acid free backboards and mats  Neutral and reversible conservation adhesives

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Important Things To Know About Conservation Framing  Dustcovers applied at the rear of the frame as protection from environmental damage  Use spacers or mats to separate your artwork from the acrylic glazing or glass

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