The story of Padmesh Gupta, Nagpur - Where it All Started From a Singl

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Padmesh Gupta, Nagpur , CEO of Gupta Group Padmesh Gupta


The story of Padmesh Gupta - Where it All Started From a Single Stride All the great success stories start with one single step, towards the goal which sets you to the upper limits of the world and so did Padmesh Gupta ’s story. Like all good stories, the story of Padmesh Gupta starts with an unassuming plan, a good core, and a grand climax. Padmesh Gupta


How It All Started? Padmesh Gupta the Chairman of Gupta Group's journey began decades back, they basically started as a coal trading company. The little steps which were then taken by the granddad of Padmesh Gupta and that are the reason that they stand as a solidly developed company ventured out in different parts of the industry. A venture which was started as a residential coal mining company; however, today Padmesh Gupta ’s industry stands tall amongst the top most companies in the field of, coal beneficiation, coal imports, Power, logistics, as well as in infrastructure. Padmesh Gupta


Now, one huge pillar that drives the Indian economy and its development. Padmesh Gupta is not only a good businessman but also a great human being who has made sure that the core value that drives each and every individual at the workplace is the safety and security as well as the health of the mine workers. Padmesh Gupta


About The Company Padmesh Gupta ’s firm is currently driven by all the modern technology and Innovations in the field of mining in order to expand efficiently while keeping in mind a great level of safety for our mine workers. Padmesh Gupta ’s basic objective is to be the best at our services and alongside that to become the most efficient and productive coal mining company in India. Padmesh Gupta has worked hard over the course of years to bring in all the best equipment to the company in order to increase its productivity. Such success and marketing strategies that have lead this company to such great heights is commendable. Padmesh Gupta