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Packers have been designing, crafting and innovating both moving and built-in wardrobes here in Adelaide for decades.


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wardrobes home storage create space.

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“We want to make sure your Packers experience is as enjoyable as possible. Our family reputation has depended on it since 1967 . From your frst enquiry through to our after-sales care we believe that everything should be as smooth running and stress free as possible. We are passionate about doing things right and we’re sure you are too.” growing with you since 1 967

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03 Sliding 15 Hinged 31 Door and Profle Options 32 Range Specifcations 33 Walk in Robes 37 Internal Options 38 Standard Module Dimensions 39 Storage Concepts 41 Handles 42 Also from Packers contents

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3 4 sliding halifax halifax Since it’s inception into the Adelaide market by Packers in 1967 the Halifax has remained an economical and versatile wardrobe option. Cushioned door stiles fully framed door edges and an easy to grip clean and discreet frame profle make the Halifax perfect for all storage situations. FINISHES melamine white antique white mini-orb mirror 2-pack primed or raw mdf beech veneer FRAME COLOURS matt natural bright natural white white birch barley 1 2P door style with 2-pack fnish and white birch frame 2 antique white melamine fnish with white birch frame 3 Optiwhite glass 4 Chino glass 5 Mountain pepper melamine 6 New Barron 7 Shannon Oak 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 MAIN PICTURE mini-orb with mirror fnish and bright natural frame ABOVE antique white melamine fnish with white birch frame

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waterford Contemporary or traditional the Waterford offers one of the most fexible design ranges in Australia. With unlimited options the sturdy 32mm thick framed door can be custom made to your designs. Combined with our quality 2-pack paint fnish and adjustable backbones the Waterford represents 27 years of design excellence. FINISHES raw mdf primed or 2-pack paint fnish colour matching available MAIN PICTURE 4EP/GL door style with painted glass inserts all colours available ABOVE 2P/F door style with antique white 2-pack fnish 1 OP door style with white satin 2 pack fnish 2 1P/B door style with sandtrap 2-pack fnish 3 2P/E door style with femish blue 2-pack fnish 4 2P/G and 1PM with custom colour satin 2 pack fnish 1 2 3 4

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11 12 portsea The frameless clean lines of the Portsea represent the contemporary and simplistic qualities admired by today’s architects and interior designers. Installed in projects such as the Holdfast Shores development and the Embassy Hotel the Portsea is undoubtedly the benchmark in sliding modern wardrobe systems. FINISHES mirror frosted or choose from our custom range matching available FRAME COLOUR bright natural MAIN PICTURE mirrored fnish ABOVE true white on low iron glass LEFT custom image

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Whether providing old world charm or a matching solution for your bedroom furniture the Sommerset will fulfll your needs. Various timber fnishes are available as well as distressed styles limewashed and door combinations including mini-orb. Decorative cornices can be matched as can door moulds and stain fnishes. The Sommerset doors have a solid 32mm thick door frame and come standard with the Packers adjustable backbone. The Sommerset again highlights our design fexibility and continuing pursuit of excellence. FINISHES mdf primed 2-pack pine and oak sommerset MAIN PICTURE Painted sommerset ABOVE 2P door style with pine knotty fnish 1 door profle 2 colonial cornice 3 2P door style with pine matchboard fnish in a distressed style 4 Colonial cornice profle 1 2 3 4

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oxford The Oxford portrays a timeless character that is perfect in any home. Doors can be made with matchboard or left smooth with a choice of inlaid moulds. Knobs or handles can be matched to existing furniture to ensure the Oxford compliments your home and continues to be an asset for many years to come. The Oxford remains one of our fagship products. FINISHES mdf primed 2-pack pine beech oak or combination design MAIN PICTURE 2P door style with antique white fnish and matching return end THIS PAGE optional treatments available up to ceiling height. hinged 15 16

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boston One of a new breed the Boston’s contemporary lines and high quality 2-pack paint fnish combine to produce a unit which will enhance any living area. Choose from rounded or square edged profles to create the perfect look. Although offered with large stainless steel handles these can be matched to suit your designs. When partnered with existing furniture the Boston feels right at home. FINISHES mdf primed 2-pack mirror painted glass or combination colours MAIN PICTURE AND THIS PAGE 1PB door style with 2-pack painted fnish 19 20

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sorrento The versatile Sorrento fts comfortably in any room. Sleek and stylish the fush contemporary design achieves a unique combination of elegance and practicality. In either plain melamine or a choice of 2-pack fnishes the Sorrento is an economical option for your storage needs. FINISHES melamine or raw mdf primed mdf or a 2-pack paint fnish of your choice MAIN PICTURE 3m high doors with white satin 2 pack fnish THIS PAGE White Satin 2 pack fnish 25 26

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2PM OP 2P 4EPG 1 P 3 P 1 PM 4P 3 PBS 2 PA 1 PA Mirror Options available A B D E FG H DOOR DESIGNS ROUT PROFILES C door and profle options

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range specifcations Halifax Waterford Portsea Sommerset Oxford Boston Metz Sorrento FINISHES MDF-RAW • • • • • • MDF-PRIMED • • • • • • MDF-2PACK • • • • • • 2 PACK GLOSS • • • • • • MERANTI SPM • • • • • • PINE • • • • • • OAK • • • • • NYATOH • • • • • BEECH • • • • • • MINI-ORB • • • • • • MIRROR • • • • • • • PAINTED GLASS • • • • • • TRANSLUSCENT/FROSTED • • • • • • • SPECIALS/INLAYS • • • • • • • • ROUT PROFILES A • • • B SQUARE OR B/NOSE • • C • • D • • E • • F • • G • • • H • • SPECIALS • • • • • • • DOOR DESIGNS OP • • 1P • • • • • 1PM • • • • • 2P • • • • • 2PM • • • • • 2PA • • • 3PBS • • 3P • • • • • 4P • • • • • 4EPG • • • • SPECIALS • • • • • • •

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There’s no better place to start and fnish the day then in your own perfectly designed walk in wardrobe. Our WIR’s can be fully customised to suit your needs in a number of fnishes and confgurations. Use our standard modules to create your dream space or ask one of our designers to inspire you with options. The only limit to what we can offer you is your imagination. 33 34 walk in robes 300mm wide in corners for easy access

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4 2 STANDARD PACKERS FEATURES 2mm high impact anti chip edging on all internals • drawers with an integrated self closing feature • choice of either the standard ‘budget’ drawer system or the classic fully concealed drawer unit 1 • choice of white chrome or satin chrome hanging rails 2 • top shelf height up to 2100mm with uprights supplied for any widths over 1200mm • 10 year warranty on all products SPECIAL OPTIONS Pull down clothes racks 3 • pull out trouser racks 4 • tie and belt racks • shoe storage options • full selection of drawer handles • all melamine colours as well as 2-pack in 16mm or 25mm shelf thicknesses • customised units for studies walk-ins laundries and linens. 1 3 internal options

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37 38 standard module dimensions SH2D 4DDM DHS 2D4S SH 4D3S DH 5D2S SH4D 4SF 6S2F4A Each unit is available in standard sizes of 457mm wide with 200mm deep drawers 608mm wide with 140mm deep drawers 832mm wide with 140mm deep drawers or they can be made to a custom size up to 1200mm wide with 150mm deep drawers

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storage concepts 1 A 1B 1C 1D 1E 1F 2 A 2B 2C 2D 2E 2F 3 A 3B 3C 3D 3E 3F 4 A 4B 4C 4D 4E 4F These storage options have been designed to assist you with your internals selection. Simply choose a design below or ask one of our sales consultants about a custom design. Up to 1200wide 2 DOOR Up to 2400wide 2 DOOR Up to 3600wide 3 DOOR Up to 4800wide 4 DOOR

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1A 1B 1 C 1D 1 E 1F 2A 2B 2 C 2D 2 E 2F 3A 3B 3 C 3D 3 E 3F 4A 4B 4 C 4D 4 E 4F Up to 1200wide 2 DOOR Up to 2400wide 2 DOOR Up to 3600wide 3 DOOR Up to 4800wide 4 DOOR

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handles The following collection represents some of the most popular designs chosen by our clients. When you get to the decision of hardware for your wardrobe you can either chose from the following collection ask to see some alternate designs or if you’d prefer supply your own. As always the choice is yours. A A - Milled Edge Knob Finish: PB BC SC Size: 45mm B - Milled Edge Knob Finish: PB BC SC Size: 45mm C - Solid Knob Finish: CP SC PB Size: 45mm D - Circolo Flush Ring Finish: SSS Size: 40mm E - Cable Cover Finish: WH IV BLK Size: 60mm 83mm F - Tapered Bow Finish: CP SC MC Size: 96mm 128mm G - Veroli Finish: CP Size: 96mm 228mm H - T-Bar Finish: MC BN Size: 96 128 228 320 448 640mm I - Sierra Finish: BN Size: 96mm 128mm J - Lucca Finish: BN CP Size: 96 128 224 288mm K - Palo Mitred Finish: SSS Size: 96 128 160 320 480 640 736 960mm L - Ravenna Finish: SC BN Size: 128mm M - Square Flush Pull Finish: CP SSS Size: 120 150 200mm F J K L M G H I B C D E

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Mirrors Shower screens Splashbacks see more at packers.com.au also from Doors Aluminium Windows Aluminium Doors

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Wardrobes Doors Showerscreens Aluminium Windows and Doors Splashbacks and Mirrors Head Offce and Administration NORTH PLYMPTON 102-106 Mooringe Ave T 08 8300 9851 F 08 8295 4012 OPEN 6 DAYS 8.30am-5pm Mon-Fri 9am-1pm Sat closed Sunday Installation Service Administration Production enquiries: 08 8300 9851 salespackers.com.au Selection Galleries WESTERN North Plympton 102-106 Mooringe Ave T 08 8300 9851 Full product range LeCornu Furniture Anzac Hwy Keswick T 08 8292 3333 Open weekdays 9-9pm Sat/Sun 10-5pm Free standing wardrobe range only EASTERN Burnside 527B Portrush Road Glenunga T 08 8379 4802 Wardrobes only Norwood 144 Magill Road T 08 7226 6313 Wardrobes Showerscreens and Windows REGIONAL Murray Bridge 119 Adelaide Road Within Carpet Court Store T 08 8532 3155 Wardrobes only Please call for individual opening times. packers.com.au