independence day

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Happy Independence Day of 15th August.


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Happy Independence Day

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Aug. 15, 1947: Mountbatten swears Nehru in as Prime Minister of India TRAIN TO PAKISTAN ; India 1947. Trains packed with refugees The dead - Punjab , 1947

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1971: Indira Gandhi reviews the troops, in the context of military and diplomatic preparations for the Bangladesh War.

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Happy Independence Day

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Ghandhiji Addressing people

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Nehru and Gandhi at AICC meeting, July 1946 Mountbatten arrives at Delhi airport; received by Nehru and Liaquat Ali. March 25, 1947

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1948: The news of Gandhi's assassination hits the streets. A stunned crowd gathers in Calcutta

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1948: Crowds in New Delhi wait for a glimpse of Gandhi's funeral procession A Library being divided at the time of partition. Heart trembles to see this sight and it is tough to imagine the state of the nation at the moment when people needed to hold hands.

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Happy Independence Day

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Happy Independence Day