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Deforestation :

Deforestation By : PRANAY RAJPUT X B

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Humans cut down many trees, therefore, it disturbs the natural habitat of the animals. If we continue to cut too many trees we may have an extinct animal before we know it.

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In this picture they are building a house, but there used to be trees here and they cut all of them down to make homes for money. When there is already millions of other houses you can buy.


If we could stop cutting down trees and making so many houses our air would not be as polluted as it is because all the dust from the construction sight blows into the lakes and into the air.

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If we don’t stop cutting down so many trees, all the animals that lived in the trees will die. They run out into the streets looking for new homes then they get hit by a car or they starve to death.

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This picture was taken in French Guiana, South America. It has been through deforestation for farming.

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This picture was taken on the edge of La Amistad Nation Park, Panama, South America. You can see that everything is wiped away.

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Nice, Tall and Alive Tree Dead Tree

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