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lecture on tablet coating


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Tablet Coating : 

Tablet Coating Why coat tablets? Types of coatings sugar coating film coating press coating (compression coating)

Sugar Coating : 

Sugar Coating stages involved sealing of tablet core subcoating smoothing colouring polishing printing

Film Coating : 

Film Coating involves spraying a solution of polymer + pigments + plasticizers onto a rotated, mixed tablet bed forms a thin, uniform film on tablet surface materials polymers solvents plasticizers colorants

Film Formation : 

Film Formation latex particles dispersed in aqueous phase formation of thin film with water evaporation through film continuous film

Coating Process : 

Coating Process coating pans

Coating Process : 

Coating Process fluid beds

Important Processing Parameters : 

Important Processing Parameters inlet and bed temperatures relative humidity atomization air pressure liquid spray rate droplet size drying time

Coating Problems : 

Coating Problems picking/chipping roughness sticking film cracking/peeling

Normal Coating : 

Normal Coating

Enteric-coated : 

Enteric-coated coating resists dissolution or disruption in stomach but not in intestines used for drugs that are unstable, irritating to stomach

Enteric Coating : 

Enteric Coating

Press Coating : 

Press Coating use of compression to form coat around a pre-formed core used mainly to separate chemically incompatible materials also dual release patterns possible

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