How to Scan and Fix Virus on Your Computer?


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If you realize that your PC is infected with a virus or malware, you can remove it by following these steps by yourself. Also, you can hire a computer technician Brisbane for that.


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How to Scan and Fix Virus on Your Computer 1300 093 780 A virus Malware on your computer is very dangerous. It can corrupt your data slow down your PC or even it can give control to someone else that is thousands of miles away in the world. Symptoms of a Virus Your computer is running slow Unwanted and hard to remove pop-up messages appearing Unidentified computer apps start running on startup A constant abnormal sound from hard drive

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1300 093 780 If you are seeing these symptoms in your PC it may be affected by malware. But dont worry you can remove  a virus from your computer very easily and quickly by following these steps. Run Your PC in Safe Mode Restart your computer and press F8 button repeatedly An advanced boot menu will appear Select Safe Mode with Networking and press Enter Keep the computer disconnected from the internet Remove Temporary Files Go to My Computer and select Properties by right click on the system drive Click disc clean up from the general tab Scroll down the Files To Delete list and select Temporary Files Click OK and then click Yes to confirm the deletion Download an AntiVirus and Run a Scan Download a free AntiVirus from the internet and run a virus scan. The AntiVirus will detect the virus and remove it. If you are unable to remove a virus from your PC you can hire a at Ozzie Geeks. Note: computer technician Brisbane

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