Best DIY Tips for Repairing Basic Computer Problems

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Sometimes our computer starts showing some problems while its operations. Some of the issues are very small and common that we can easily resolve at home by following these best DIY tips.


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Sometimes your computer starts showing problems while operations. There are some issues which cannot be solved without a computer technician which is expert in computer repairs. Best DIY Tips for Repairing Basic Computer Problems Besides there are some other small and common problems that we can easily fix at home. Here we will discuss some of the common computer problems and their DIY repairs one by one 1 Check Power Supply 1 Computer Wont Start This may happen due to the failure of power supply. Check if your computer is properly plugged in the power socket.

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2 Blank Screen If it is OK then check the power socket with any other device. If your computer is on but the screen is blank there may be some issue in the connection between computer and screen. Check both screen power wire and computer connection wire carefully. If the problem is on your laptop screen then bring it to a professional because there may be some problem in the internal wiring. You can schedule an appointment online at Ozzie Geeks for the best . computer repairs Brisbane 3 Software Functionality Issue Restart the computer Install a reliable anti-virus and run a scan. 4 Overheating Check if the fan is working properly. If not try to fix it or bring the PC to your local technician. Don’t place your PC to bed blanket or any other soft material to avoid blocking the vents.

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5 Booting Issues Reinstall windows if you are facing troubles in booting. 6 Screen Hanging May be issues in system RAM registry conflicts corrupt or missing files or spyware. Restart the PC and clean up the unwanted files. Level 6 / 140 Creek Street Brisbane Queensland 4000 T e l. 1300 093 780 7 Slow Internet Speed Clear the cookies and temporary internet files to improve your internet browsing speed. You can find the temporary files folder by typing the ‘temp’ in the Windows search bar.

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