A Guide to Laptop Repairs and RAM Upgrades

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If your laptop gets slow on installing new software or game then it requires it’s RAM to be upgraded. Here is a complete guide that can help you to upgrade your laptop RAM at home.


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A Guide to Laptop Repairs and RAM Upgrades:

A Guide to Laptop Repairs and RAM Upgrades


Overview Sometimes, the laptop gets slow when we install new software, games, or applications in it. In that case, you need to upgrade your laptop’s RAM to improve it’s speed and performance. You can go to a laptop repairs shop near you and get the RAM upgraded or do it by yourself also by following these simple steps.

Steps to Replace or Upgrade Laptop RAM:

Steps to Replace or Upgrade Laptop RAM 1. Check Your RAM Size In Windows, Go to My Computer Press right-click, then choose Properties from the list . Hardware and operating system details will come. Check out the Installed Memory (RAM).


2. Check Your RAM Specifications Shut down it and remove all the connecting wires and open all the screws fixed on the backside carefully. Open your laptop to check the existing RAM specifications (DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, Frequency, etc.) Also Check if there is any extra slot for another RAM.


3. Insert the New RAM Go to a computer hardware store and purchase a RAM of your desired size. Match the specifications with your laptop’s existing RAM. Make sure your laptop is compatible with your desired RAM upgrade . Put the new RAM in the slot


4. Close the Laptop Body Close the laptop body and tighten the screw . Attach the battery and turn on the laptop . If the laptop starts properly without the sound of any beep that means the RAM has installed successfully . Check the new RAM size by following Step 1.

Laptop Repairs Brisbane:

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