DIY Fixes if Computer Windows Won't Start

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We all face this problem when our computer windows not starting up or the computer refuses to boot. Here are some DIY fixes you can perform at home if your computer Windows won't start.


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Sometimes our computer windows not starting up or computer refuses to boot. We all face this problem never or ever in our devices. Although it seems a major issue on your computer you can repair by yourself. DIY Fixes if Computer Windows Wont Start Here we will discuss some DIY troubleshooting steps that can help you to fix if your computer windows not starting up. 1 Check Power Supply The very first step is to check if your computer is properly plugged into the power supply socket. Now turn off your computer and wait for 20 seconds so your computer can shut down completely. After 20 seconds turn your computer back ON. Check if the computer starts properly.

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1 Reboot the Computer If the issue still persists turn off your computer again and reboot it after 5 minutes. A boot menu will be displayed on the computer screen read the guidelines and choose the right boot option. After that restart your computer in safe mode by pressing F8. 2 1 Check Computer Hard Drive The computer does not start sometimes if the hard drive gets damaged. If the above steps do not work check the hard drive by replacing with another hard drive. If the computer starts that means there is a fault in the hard drive. 3

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Level 6 / 140 Creek Street Brisbane Queensland 4000 T e l. 1300 093 780 1 Uninstall Re-install the Hardware Components Sometimes the computer hardware components stop working due to dust deposits on them. Open up your computer carefully and uninstall all the hardware components like RAM Memory Card Hard Drive and connecting probes one by one. Also remove the small round battery from the motherboard. Now clean them with a rinse cloth and re-install each component. 4 If your computer does not start after following the above steps then there may be an issue with the motherboard of the computer. Bring it to the computer technician near you and get it checked. If you are living in Perth city of Australia then you can schedule an appointment online at Ozzie Geeks for the best With high-quality services our prices are also affordable. computer repairs in Perth.

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