Top 5 Computer Issues and Their Repairs

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Everyone faces some small and common problems with their computers. They can be resolved easily with a little knowledge of going to any computer technician. Here are the top 5 common computer issues and the repairs that you can do by yourself.


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Top 5 Computer Issues and Their Repairs:

Top 5 Computer Issues and Their Repairs


Overview It’s very annoying when you are working on your computer and suddenly an error message or your computer comes to a screeching halt. There are some issues which cannot be solved without a computer technician which is expert in computer repairs . Besides, there are some other small and common problems that everyone faces on a regular basis and we cannot go to the repair shop every day.


Overview These kinds of small issues have simple solutions and you can resolve them by yourself. It can save a lot of time and money as well. Here we will discuss the top 5 common computer problems and their solutions one by one:

1. Start Up Problem:

1. Start Up Problem Computer shuts down automatically and doesn’t start. This may happen due to the failure of power supply. Check if your computer is properly plugged in the power socket. If it is OK then check the power socket with any other device to confirm its working.

2. Software Functionality Issue:

2. Software Functionality Issue If your computer’s operating system or any other software is not working properly then restart the computer, install a reliable anti-virus and run a scan . If you are living in Brisbane, Australia then you can schedule an appointment online at Ozzie Geeks for the best computer technician in Brisbane .

3. Overheating:

3. Overheating Overheating slows down a computer and may damage the PC components permanently. If your computer is overheating, check if the fan is working properly . Sometimes the dust gather on the fan, try to clean it with some air pressure.

4. Booting Issue:

4. Booting Issue Sometimes computer starts showing problems while booting when we start it. This may happen due to older window or some unwanted software. In that case reinstall the updated version of windows to your machine.

5. Slow Internet Speed:

5. Slow Internet Speed Clear the cookies and temporary internet files to improve your internet browsing speed. You can find the temporary files folder by typing the ‘%temp%’ in the Windows search bar.

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