Reasons your skin isn't its best in the winters

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5 Reasons your skin isnt its best in the winters Packing up your self in a warm jacket or a stylish coat thick innerwear long boots gloves and scarf to fight the cold harsh winds outside. Well winters can be a hard time as we have to go extra miles to cover ourselves up so that we dont shiver when we step foot outside. But we usually forget to go extra miles for our skin as well. The skin gets quite vulnerable during the winters. It is not the perfect season for the skin and obviously the skin must have seen better days during other seasons. Using herbal face wash to wash the face hydrating moisturizer to nourish the skin and mild scrub to exfoliate it is advisable during this season. There are certain things that we dont offer proper attention to that leads to the degrading condition of our skin. So here are a few things that might be affecting you pretty and sensitive skin. 1. Not moisturising enough- The winters tend to leave our skin extremely dry by sucking out the moisture content in it. It is really important to provide extra hydration to the skin in these days. We must apply a good hydrating moisturizer to the face and body as soon as we step out of the shower. Not just that we must also establish the frequency of reapplying moisturizer when the skin starts to feel dry again. 2. Long Warm Baths- When the hot splashes of water fall on your skin after a tiring day and chilly weather all you want to do is keep the warm water running on your body. Doctors usually suggest to keep the baths short during the winter season. This is mainly because water does not moisturize the skin in fact it strips off oils from it and long baths can deprive our skin of its natural and essential oils. 3. Skipping exfoliation- People usually have this mind set that exfoliation is not a good idea when the skin is already dry and sensitive. Well this is just a myth. The truth is that exfoliation does quite the opposite of what people believe it will do. It clears off our skin by removing impurities and dead skin cells that reflect dullness on the face. So skipping exfoliation during cold weather is probably not the best idea. 4. Using a non-hydrating face wash- Another mistake that we often do is that we use chemical based face washes to cleanse our skin. These types of cleansers strip off necessary oils from the skin and leave it even more dry than it was. We must switch onto herbal face washes because they are much more hydrating and nourishing for the skin. 5. Said bye-bye to thesunscreen- We often hear that we must apply sunscreen all year round no matter what. This is because the risk of skin damage by sun is still there even when the temperature is 0° outside. It protects us from the harmful UV rays that not just degrade our skin but can be a cause of health problems. So do not skip your sunscreen even in the winter season.

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