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Visit our Website Indian Empire Runaway Bay menu – Indian restaurant in Runaway Bay, Gold Coast, QLD. Try your Favourite Indian foods at Indian Empire Runaway Bay. Get 10% off on your first Order. Place the Order now!


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Indian Empire – Runaway Bay menu  Order at Indian Empire through Oz Foodhunter and Get 15 off on your order Use Promo Code OZ05. Order Now: https://www.indian-  Get 25 off on your Order Use code OZ015 Minimum Order 100 and more.  Download the Oz Foodhunter App and Get 5 off View Menu: Meal Deals Banquet for 1 - save 201 x Any Curry 1 x Basmati Rice 1 x Plain Naan or Garlic Naan 1 x Papadams 1 x Sweet Mango Chutney PRICE20.95 Banquet for 2 - save 251 x Mix Vegetable Pakoras GF 2 x Any Curry 1 x Basmati Rice 2 x Plain Naan or Garlic Naan 1 x Papadams 1 x Sweet Mango Chutney PRICE39.95 Banquet for 3 - save 301 x Mix Vegetable Pakoras GF 3 x Any Curry 2 x Basmati Rice 3 x Plain Naan or Garlic Naan 1 x Papadams 1 x Raita 1 x Sweet Mango Chutney PRICE59.95 Empire Feast - save 351 x Mix Vegetable Pakoras GF 2 x Any Curry 1 x Full Tandoori Chicken 2 x Basmati Rice 2 x Plain Naan or Garlic Naan 1 x Papadams 1 x Raita 1 x Sweet Mango Chutney PRICE69.95

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Soups Snorba Soup Dal Soup GF mixed lentils and kidney beans sammered with exotic Indian spices PRICE5.95 Entree Vegetable Samosa 2 Pcs mashed potatoes green peas mint and spices fried into a pyramid shaped dough crispy fried and served with homemade mint chutney PRICE5.95 Keema Samosa 2 Pcs minced lamb green peas and spices filled into a pyramid shaped dough crisp fried and served with homemade mint chatney PRICE2 Pieces 5.95 Onion Bhaee GF Pcs onions blended with spices and rolled in chick pea batter potatoes crispy fried served with mint sauce PRICE5.95 Mix Vegetable Pakoras GF assorted vegetables dipped in special batter and crispy fried served with mint sauce PRICE5.95 Lasoni Jhinga GF succulent prawns marinated with garlic and exotic Indian spices PRICE12.95 Empire Dips GF selection of Indian dips served with roasted pappadams and salad PRICE8.95 Aloo Tikki 2 Pcs popular street food golden fried cutlets of mashed potatoes filled with spiced lenties served with tamarind and mint chutney PRICE6.95 Appetizer Mixappetizer mix is perfect for trying all the appetizers at once include vegetables or keema samosa vegetables pakora onion bhaee PRICE4 Pieces 5.95 PRICEFor 1 6.95 PRICEFor 2 12.95 PRICEFor 3 19.95

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Tandoori Entree Tandoori Chicken GF skewered chicken marinated in traditional yogurt and spices PRICEHalf 11.95 PRICEFull 18.95 Tandoori Murgh Tikka GF boneless cubes of chicken marinated in spiced yogurt and roasted in the tandoor oven PRICEHalf 11.95 PRICEFull 16.95 Malai Chicken Tikka GF chicken breast cubes marinated in yogurt and special selection of spices then roasted to perfection in the tandoori oven PRICEHalf 11.95 PRICEFull 16.95 Tandoori Chicken Wings GF chicken wings marinated in traditional yogurt and spices cooked in the tandoor PRICE11.95 Seekh Kebab GF skewered lamb minced cooked with special spices and herbs PRICE12.95 Barra Kebab GF lamb cutlets marinated in yogurt and traditional spices cooked in the tandoori ovan PRICE15.95 Raan-E-Sikhandari GF a baby leg of lamb marinated and roasted in tandoor served with salad rice and naan 30 minutes wait and 2 days notice reuired PRICE49.95 Tandoori Prawns GFprawns marinated in yoghurt and traditional spices cooked in the tandoor PRICE19.95 Fish Tikka GFspiced bonedless cubes of fish marinated and cooked in tandoori oven PRICE14.95 Empire Tandoori Platter GF combination of barra kebab seekh kebab chicken tikka and fish tikka

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PRICEFor 1 12.95 PRICEFor 2 24.95 PRICEFor 3 36.95 Traditional Curries Korma GFa North Indian curry introduced by the moguls prepared with cream yogurt cashews and almonds a dish that is mild and rice aromatic and flavour some PRICE16.95 Vindaloo GF vindaloo is famed for being hot and spicy vindaloo sauce blends tomatoes and onions with cummins chilles and authentic spices PRICE16.95 Madrass GF Madrass originates from the South of Indian in the region known as Madrass it is a delicate blend of coconut with authentic spices and cream PRICE16.95 Saagwala GF saag is a delicious hearty North Indian dish prepared with fresh spinach and aromatic spices PRICE16.95 Rogan Josh GF the dish originates form the Kashmir region of Indian it uses a special blend of turmeric paprika and coriander with other spices and course tomato puree prepared to create a deliciously tasty and aromatic dish PRICE16.95 Kadai GF kadai literally means cooking in wok a dish made with freshly grounded spices along with cubes of onion and capsicum it is finished with a touch of cream PRICE16.95 Khatta Meetha GF this is a sweet and sour curry with fragrant spices PRICE16.95 Subji GF fresh mixed vegetables cooked with spices PRICE16.95 Empire Specialities Butter Chicken mild and creamy dish blend of cream tomatoes and butter and with spices

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PRICE17.95 Chicken Tikka Masalapre marinated pieces of chicken breast roasted in the tandoori then PRICEed to delicious flavour some sauce PRICE17.95 Murgh-Do-Piaza chicken in a mild curry of cream and onions PRICE17.95 Seekh Kebab Masala GFskewered lamb roasted in tandoor and then PRICEed to a special sauce with exotic spices PRICE17.95 Barra Kebab Masala GFlamb cutlets roasted in tandoori and then PRICEed to delicious thick gravy PRICE19.95 Empire Goat Curry GFgoat curry cooked with potatoes and authentic spices PRICE19.95 Dhansak Murghi GFchicken cooked with lentils and exotic spices PRICE17.95 Balti Chicken Curry GFtraditionally prepared and served in balti cooper bucket sauce cooked with herbs and spices for a really authentic tasting dish PRICE17.95 Murgh Kebab Masala GFsucculent pieces of chicken marinated in spices and yoghurt and cooked in a creamy lightly spiced tomatoey sauce PRICE17.95 Vegetarian Vegetable Korma GF mixed vegetables cooked with cream yoghurt cashews almonds and spices PRICE15.95 Paneer Makhni GF homemade cottage cheese cooked with cream tomatoes and butter with spices PRICE15.95 Paneer Palak Saag GF homemade cottage cheese cooked with spinach and spices

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PRICE15.95 Channa Masala GF chickpeas cooked with aromatic spices PRICE13.95 Malai Koftahomemade cottage cheese dumplings stuffed with dry fruits and gently finished with golden gravy PRICE14.95 Palak Koftahomemade cottage cheese dumplings cooked with spinach and spices PRICE15.95 Dal Makhni GFblack lentils cooked on a slow fire with butter and mild spices PRICE13.95 Dal Tarka GF yellow lentils are sauted with onion garlic ginger and aromatic spices PRICE13.95 Aloo Matter GFpotatoes and peas simmered with onions tomatoes and coriander PRICE13.95 Bombay Potatoes GFit is an Indian delicacy that is made from potatoes sauted with curry leaves cumin and other exotic spices PRICE13.95 Baingan Masala Eggplant GFit has a lovely smokey flavor by roasting the eggplant in tandoor and then cooked with tomatoes onions and spices PRICE15.95 Aloo Gobi GFit is a delicious main dish made with potatoes coliflower and a great blend of spices PRICE14.95 Season Vegetable GFfresh mixed vegetables cooked with exotic spices PRICE14.95 Seafood Fish Curry GFfish fillets cooked with fresh curry leaves coconut milk and aromatic spices PRICE17.95

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Fish Vindaloo GFfish vindaloo is for all who love their fish curry hot and spicy PRICE17.95 Sweet Fish Curry GFfish fillets cooked with mixed tropical fruit and creamy sauce PRICE17.95 Prawn Masala GFa mouth watering curry cooked with tomato capsicum onion coriander and other aromatic spices PRICE18.95 Prawn Korma GFprawns cooked in a creamy sauce with almonds cashews nuts and mild spices PRICE18.95 Goan Prawn Curry GF goan prawn is mildly spiced and cooked with vegetables and coconut milk PRICE18.95 Prawn Vindaloo GF it is a delicious and vibrant curry for those who like is hot and spicy PRICE18.95 Rice Coconut Ricerice cooked in coconut milk and coconut flakes PRICE4.95 Yellow Ricelong grained rice are seasoned with wonderful blend of onions coriander mint and spices PRICE4.25 Garlic Ricebasmati rice prepared with flavor and aroma of garlic and spices PRICE4.95 Egg Fried Ricebasmati prepared with egg onions and exotic spices PRICE5.95 Mattar Pulaobasmati rice cooked with peas and spices PRICE5.95 Kashmiri PulaoKashmiri Pulao it is aromatic mild sweet rice prepared with mixed dry fruit and fresh fruits PRICE6.95

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Basmati Ricelong grained Indian style rice PRICE3.50 Biryanitaste of mughali cuisine very from mild to spicy with a distinctive aroma and taste of ground and whole spices PRICE12.95 Traditional Indian Breads Naan Basketbutter naan garlic naan cheese naan PRICE9.95 Plain Naan PRICE2.95 Garlic Naan PRICE3.50 Butter Naan PRICE3.50 Naan Paneernaan stuffed with homemade cottage cheese and special spice PRICE4.25 Masala Kulchanaan filled with peas potatoes and special spices PRICE4.25 Onion Kulchanaan stuffed with finely chopped onions and spices PRICE3.95 Keema Naan PRICE4.50 Cheese Naanwith mozzarella cheese and touch of spices PRICE4.25 Peshwari Naanfilled with mixed dry fruit cashews and almonds PRICE4.25 Tandoori Chapati Rotitandoori roti made with wholemeal fiour

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PRICE2.25 Parathaflaky butter layered tandoori bread PRICE3.50 Pudina Paranthaflaky butter layered parantha preapared with mint PRICE3.50 Masala Paranthaparantha stuffed with potatoes peas and special spices PRICE4.25 Onion and Cheese Naanstuffed with onion and mozzarella cheese finished with garlic PRICE4.95 Cheese and Garlic Naanmozzarella cheese and garlic with mild spice PRICE4.95 Cheese and Spinach Naanmozzarella cheese and touch of spinach PRICE4.95 Chilli Naanstuffed with fresh chilles and spices PRICE4.00 Side Dishes Raitaseasonal yoghurt with cucumber with spices PRICE3.95 Punjabi SalPRICEiced onion tomato and cucumber infused with lemon and spices PRICE4.25 Onion Salad PRICE2.50 Papadams in a Serve PRICE2.25 Chilli Pickle PRICE1.95 Mixed Pickle

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PRICE1.95 Mint Sauce PRICE1.95 Sweet Mango Chutney PRICE1.95 Kids Menu Mango Chicken Mildsteamed with rice PRICE9.95 Butter Chicken Mildserved with rice PRICE9.95 Malai Chicken Tikkamild chicken cheese pieces served with garlic naan PRICE9.95 Chicken Nuggets and Chips PRICE9.95 Desserts Mango Pista Kulfitraditional homemade ice cream prepared with mango cashew nuts pistachio PRICE4.95 Coconut Kulfihomemade ice cream made with coconut and almonds PRICE4.95 Gulab Jamundeep fried cottage cheese dumplings served in sweet syrup PRICE4.95 Gaar Ka Halwacarrots dessert with dry fruits and milk simmered till perfection PRICE4.95 Ras Malaidumpling made from cottage cheese soaked in sweetened thickened milk deliciously flavoured with cardamom PRICE5.95 Plain Ice Cream with Toppingchocolate strawberry and caramel

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PRICE3.50 Signature Dessertchefs suprise PRICE6.95 Drinks Soft Drinks- Can PRICE3.95 Fruit Juice PRICE3.95 Sparkling Water PRICE250ml 3.95 PRICE1L 6.95 Mt Franklin Water PRICE250ml 3.95 PRICE1L 6.95 Sweet Lassi PRICE3.95 Salted Lassi PRICE3.95 Mango Lassi PRICE4.95