1877-342-4448 | How to Adding a User to the Block List in Outlook?


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How to Adding a User to the Block List in Outlook? OUTLOOK CUSTOMER HELPLINE NUMBER Contact us 1877-342-4448

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If you want to add someone in the block in Outlook account, then first open your Outlook account and tap settings icon Go down in settings and tap View all Outlook settings. Doing so opens a window

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Choose mailbox option in Upper-left side of the Outlook window

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You will get the junk file option. You tap on it

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Type your email you want to add block list

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Tap Add option

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After completing all lists tap save

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OUTLOOK CUSTOMER HELPLINE NUMBER Do you want to add a user to the block list, but you have no idea to add it. Then contact Outlook Customer Helpline Number 1877-342-4448 and get instant information about it by our customer officers.

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Thank you Contact us 1877-342-4448 Address:- 447 Dayton street, Akron OH, 44310,USA https://www.outlook.emailcontactnumber.com/