Don´t Be a Food Waster ESSWCD Interview Diana Gibson with narration

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A short presentation about why and how to reduce our food waste


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Don´t Be a Food Waster!:

Don´t Be a Food Waster! A Short Environmental Presentation by Diana G. Gibson, M.Ed .

Don´t throw that away!:

Don´t throw that away!

Consequences of Food Waste:

Wasted energy Wasted natural resources Wasted money Wasted landfill space Depleted soil nutrients Consequences of Food Waste

Energy in Food Production:

Energy in Food Production

How can we reduce food waste?:

Choose fewer processed foods Smaller and wiser portions Buy only what you will reasonably cook Get creative with leftover recipes Connect local restaurants, farmers, and grocers with food banks Feed our animal friends How can we reduce food waste?

Composting: Turning Waste into Fertilizer:

Inexpensive Returns nutrients to the soil or to your garden Satisfying Several methods are available--take into account your time and effort Composting: Turning Waste into Fertilizer

Additional Resources:

Reducing Food Waste with Recipe Ideas http :// Latest Environmental Food News http :// / Starting your own Compost Pile http :// Additional Resources

Thanks for watching!:

Thanks for watching! I hope you feel encouraged to make small changes in your own life to reduce food waste!

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