Baby Proof Your Home

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Tips to Baby Proof Your Home

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Babies aren’t just cutest but also very curious and keen to explore. Children like to put stuff in their mouth and might stick their fingers in certain places sometimes play with hanging cordsfurniture pulling throwing things and much more.So need to aware the list of tips to childproof your home and prevent accidental injuries.

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Bathroom Never try to leave water standing in the bucket or tub as kids don’t need much water to drown. And also keep your bathroom supplies away from their hand and always locked your cabinet. Try to use non-slip mats to keep your kid safe.

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Living Room Never place sharp objects like buttons or pins in rooms where your child can easily collect that and sometimes they swallow them which in turn cause death. Keep certain indoor plants off the floor as some are very poisonous.

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Kitchen Beneath the sink of the kitchen cabinet where you store all your cleaning products is the magnet for small kids. Try to keep them locked.

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