Activities to do In Ragamaya Resorts In Munnar

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slide 1: Leisure Activities to do In Ragamaya Resorts In Munnar

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Ragamaya luxury resort in Munnar welcomes the adventure buffs with a heady concoction. Come out of the guest room and explore the wide expanse of virgin nature in the Munnar hills. Those who crave adventure will find hiking trekking canoeing and cycling godsend.Youd never wish to put a full stop to fun here. There’s lot more to do in Munnar and it has a lot to offer for every kind of traveler whether it is adventure relaxation or wildlife exploration. m

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Cycling The rough terrains that surround Ragamaya is sheer dream come true for those who are interested in cycling. Jump on your bike and pedal up to conquer hillocks and race down through the slopes. m

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Fishing and Canoe Rides The Ponmudi lake beckons you with a promise. Board a canoe and paddle away into the breath-taking expanse of the lake. m

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Trekking and Hiking Get your backpack and gear ready and go for trekking or hiking. Test your grit. Hike up to a hill-top and yell at the distant valleys and floating clouds. Leave a footprint before you turn your back for the down-trail. m

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Village Visits Ragamaya is surrounded by a laid- back village where people lead a life which is free from the complexities of an urban life. Roam around the villages. Talk to the village folks. Learn the culture. Share your experiences. m

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Bird Watching Many of us have the practice of observing birds in their natural environment as a hobby. It’s interesting to know how they cross continents clock thousands of miles to come to a specific place to breed m