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What is SAP ? ::

What is SAP ? : Master Data: Master data is data that remains unchanged over a period of time. It contains information that is always needed in the same way. Transaction data: Data relating to the day-to-day transactions.   Using Matchcodes /Search Helps Matchcodes are a SAP specific search method you can use to find information Several different search criteria are possible To access a matchcode , 

Storage Location : :

Storage Location :  Storage Location It represents the physical area within a plant where the materials are stored. It is attached to a plant. Manufacturing Plants – Raw Material – Fuels – Semi finished – Central Stores – SQC – FG Warehouse Trading Divisions & Sales Depots – Depot Stores – Services Division

Data in SAP : :

Data in SAP :  Data in SAP There are two important types of data in SAP Master Data Master data is the backbone for each transaction. Without master data transactions can not be performed. E.g. Material master Vendor master Purchasing info record Transaction data Transaction data are created when performing a transaction. Transaction data are created with the input from master data. e.g. Purchase requisition Purchase order Goods receipt Invoice verification

Master Data::

Master Data: Master data is data that remains unchanged over a period of time. It contains information that is always needed in the same way. Transaction data: Data relating to the day-to-day transactions.

MM Process : :

MM Process :  MM Process MRP run triggers the requirements or Manual Requisitions Created. Purchase requisition is released. Vendor is selected. Prepare Purchase Order. Release Purchase Order. Follow up with vendor for supply. Goods Receipt. Receive Invoice and pay vendor.

Release Strategy:

Release Strategy Release strategy helps to control further processing of the Documents. Based on conditions, different person or department can be authorized to release in sequence It can be applied for PR, RFQ and for PO. Release Conditions Value Purchase Group Plant Document Type Does a Strategy Apply? Release Indicator Released/Blocked for Ordering What can the Requisition be Released to? Release Strategy Who is Authorised to Release

PowerPoint Presentation:

A purchase order is a formal request to a vendor to provide certain materials or services under specific conditions (quantity, price, delivery date, etc.) PO is the legal document. PO can be controlled with header level release procedure. Item category and account assignment are important in PO like PR. Purchase Order Contents in Purchase Order :  PO Header PO Overview Texts Additional Data Delivery Schedules Account Assignment Pricing Conditions Contents in Purchase Order Changes Services Order History PURCHASE ORDER


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