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SAP HANA OVERVIEW: SRY IT is a Standard Class room and e-Learning Center for different Courses. SRY IT offers its students a range of technical/functional courses in accordance with Course standards. SRY IT Education introduces a new, student centric approach to training: a range of interactive web-based courses designed specifically to deliver effective knowledge transfer whenever it is needed. These courses are targeted to working professionals, experienced consultants, and new graduates. SRY IT provides Training & Placement Assistance. FEATURES OF SRYIT: Course Duration: 60 Hours Access: With 2 months Server access Trainer Details: 6+ Years Real Time Consultant Prerequisites:Any Graduate, Fresher’s also can learn this course. Material: Soft Copy of Training Materials, Session Video Recordings will be provided. After Training: Resume preparation, Interview Questions, Career Support will be provided. Support : 24/7 Customer Support Other Offered Modules: SAP: BPC, BASIS, ABAP,BO ADMIN, FICO, MDM, CRM TRAINING, HANA , FSCM, IS UTILITIES, BO DATA SERVICES, APO..etc DWH: ABINITIO, INFORMATICA, DATA STAGE, AJAX, HADOOP, WEBSPHERE TRAINING and many more Top technologies in the IT Market. Contact us for more details and Session Schedules at: Ind: +91- 9948030675, USA: +1 555-212-3121 Email: [email protected], Web:


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SAP HANA ONLINE TRAINING SRY IT SOLUTIONS Ameerpet, Hyderabad-500038 AndhraPradesh, INDIA. India: +91-8008527566, 8686190860 USA: +1-319-804-4998 Email:   [email protected]

What is SAP HANA ?:

What is SAP HANA ?   SAP HANA is the latest in-memory analytics product from SAP; using HANA companies can do ad hoc analysis of large volumes of data in real-time . What is in-memory? In-memory means all the data is stored in the memory (RAM). This is no time wasted in loading the data from hard-disk to RAM or while processing keeping some data in RAM and temporary some data on disk.

  What is real-time analytics?:

  What is real-time analytics? Using HANA, companies can analyze their data as soon as it is available. In older days, professionals had to wait at least few hours before they could analyze the data being generated around the company. To put this in perspective, let us take an example – suppose a super market chain wants to start giving you discount coupons when you visit them based on your shopping habits.

So is SAP making/selling the software or the hardware?:

So is SAP making/selling the software or the hardware? SAP has partnered with leading hardware vendors (HP, Fujitsu, IBM, Dell etc ) to sell SAP certified hardware for HANA. SAP is selling licenses and related services for the SAP HANA product which includes the SAP HANA database, SAP HANA Studio and other software to load data in the database.

Can I just increase the memory of my traditional Oracle database to 2TB and get similar performance ?:

Can I just increase the memory of my traditional Oracle database to 2TB and get similar performance ?  Well, NO. You might have performance gains due to more memory available for your current Oracle/Microsoft/Teradata database but HANA is not just a database with bigger RAM. It is a combination of a lot of hardware and software technologies. The way data is stored and processed by the In-Memory Computing Engine (IMCE) is the true differentiator. Having that data available in RAM is just the icing on the cake. 

Is HANA really fast?:

Is HANA really fast? How is it possible that HANA is so fast? HANA is fast due to many reasons. The following picture 1 depicts a very simplified version of what’s inside the In-memory Computing Engine.  Column Storage While the traditional databases store the relational table one row after another, IMCE stores tables in columns. Hopefully the following figure explains the difference between the two storage mechanisms easily .

Compression: :

Compression:  As the data written next to each other is of same type, there is no need to write the same values again and again. There are many compression algorithms in HANA with the default being the dictionary algorithm, which for example maps long strings to integers

Data stripping : :

Data stripping :  There are often times when querying a table, a lot of columns are not used. For example, when you just want the revenue information from a Sales table which stores a lot of other information as well. The columnar storage enables that the unnecessary data is not read or processed. As the tables are stored in vertical fashion, there is no time wasted trying to read only the relevant information from a lot of unnecessary data . 

Parallel Processing::

Parallel Processing:  It is always performance critical to make full use of the resources available. With the current boost in the number of CPUs, the more work they can do in parallel, the better the performance. The columnar storage enables parallel processing as different CPUs can take one column each and do the required operations (aggregations etc ) in parallel. Or multiple CPUs can take a partitioned column and work in parallel for faster output.


CONTACT US SRY IT SOLUTIONS Ameerpet, Hyderabad-500038 AndhraPradesh, INDIA. India: +91-8008527566, 8686190860 USA: +1-319-804-4998 Email:   [email protected]

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