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Boring content takes away your followers, and audience literally scrolls through your posts, but interactive content receives 4x times more engagement. In this blog, we have discussed the interactive content and the different types that you should know before you step into the digital marketing job.


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Interactive Content – Trend in Content  Marketing 2021    I want to ask you a serious question - What are the things that define that your content  is going really well  Anything that gets CLICKS.  Anything that gets SWIPES.  Anything that gets most INTERACTION ONLINE  True Well you just defined what is interactive content.   To quote it well ‘Interactive content engages participants in an activity more than  simply reading or watching the content they receive real-time hyper-relevant results  that they care about’

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It can be any activity that they participate in like answering questions making choices  exploring scenarios polls and many other ways.   According to Outgrow 93 of marketers rate interactive content as highly effective at  educating the buyer.  Interactive content is required because the real problem is that the user’s attention span  is limited. They will just scroll through your post if they don’t find it attractive enough to  spend their time on it.   So stepping into the interactive zone is a great way to capture attention right from the  start and take them to the desired goals.   This is how modern marketers engage with their audience And why not interactive  content is created with the thought and the hidden intention to capture the user’s  attention and encouraging them to take the desired action that you want.    The question is how far can you go with Interactive Content  You can go as far as you want with the interactive content From simply giving the  interactive content to swipe up and reveal about a topic or as complex and next step as  answering a series of questions to participate in a contest.   The outcome is to Engage the Audience. Also capture insights and get useful  information about the type of content that wins and also what they found interesting  when the audience participates in the series of questions/ contest held by your  company.   Be Extraordinary Be Unique Be A Brand with Interactive Content

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Different Types of Interactive Content -  01. Interactive Infographics:  Infographics as we’ve already discussed before in our blog are one of the most  shareable easily understandable and really attractive. But these interactive  infographics require more resources than the static ones  They require all the data that is relevant to the topic and also should be executed  excellently by the design aspect.     When you have got a lot of compelling and bang on information that you can share to  the audience which is useful to them Then using an infographic interactive content  can dive the massive traffic.

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You will be able to share compelling information  Your audience will not be bored   The visual information is easier to remember and understand  In all you get the attention of the audience in one go  02. Interactive Videos and Motion Graphics:  Who doesn’t like a moving picture I’d be glued to the screen to watch what’s the end or  what the brand wants to tell us. So if you are looking for creating interactive content or  ensure that people watch through the end and forward it to others.   What you can do  ● Create video quizzes that has a content along the entire way.   Video consumption is already on the rise and this trend will never end   Digital marketers big brands and even small businesses have stepped into the  interactive video world because it gives them the freedom to express their creativity  while also spreading the message across the world.

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51.9 of marketers say that interactive videos have given them the best ROI amid all the  other interactive content.   And even the audience agrees with the fact that videos and stop motions are more  interactive.   So all you have to do is think of an out of the box idea and put a compelling engaging  content and improve your video marketing campaigns. There are several free tools  online to design your interactive video or stop motion graphics.   03. Polls and Surveys:  Aimed at getting feedback and finding how user interacts or to find new customers  polls and surveys are the best way to engage and interact. Being an old ‘tested and  tried’ technique polls and surveys do the required magic to get out information from  your users.

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Source - Twitter  While poll has a single multiple-choice question the survey has multiple questions  Greater interaction is achieved by both of the types. As shown in the above image the  simple way to use polls and surveys is to ask your followers about the opinion they hold  about a certain question in regards with product service or content.   Note that -   Polls and surveys are best if your brand wants to align with their customer’s opinions  lifestyle values and their interests. Also you can go witty to find it about all of the  information.   04. Quizzes:  Taking you back to the 90s quiz books that used to come along with the newspaper  and we were always super excited to solve it instantly. Quizzes have the power to  engage the audience even if they don’t know about the questions they’ll participate.   Quizzes are a great way to boost your content marketing and even sell more

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It is known that quizzes have an 82 click-to-conversion rate. They are convincing  clickable and shareable. You can either host a contest on the website or on the social  media page. Like Mad.Over.Marketing does on their Instagram page by posting a  creative and letting people guess the brand showcased.     They told everyone to guess the brand being advertised here And received a major  engagement over this post.   You can do it for your business too For instance if you are a digital marketing agency  then you can go for quizzes like ‘Know what kind of logo are you’ they will play the

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entire quiz and you also get to know about the choices that the majority of business  owners hold.   05. E-Books:  Sharing e-book on an interactive landing page rather than giving away PDF this will  engage more people rather than the boring PDFs. There are multiple benefits of E-Books  -  ● They will be able to click through all the data you share and explore more about  your website.   ● Once they are on your website they’ll spend more time after reading the e-book  they’ll look more on your other services products.   ● More CTAs will take them to your desired goals at the end of the e-book.   This was all about the ‘KING OF CONTENT MARKETING’ - Interactive content.   As digital marketing is growing and becoming more personalized interactive content is  the only way you can connect and engage with your audience.   Interactive content generates 4x More Engagement than Normal Content  Also if you are eager to learn any of these techniques or the entire marketing then learn  a ​digital marketing course in Jaipur​ at the ​OSL ​– Asia’s fastest-growing digital  marketing school. We dig deep into the different modules. Join us and know the basics  tips and tricks to all the modules including social media marketing search engine  optimization affiliate marketing and website design and development  Hey don’t forget to look at our online short courses range Learn skills and get ahead of  the race.   They are just for INR 2100/- and completely curated for you