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D FLIP-FLOP The D flip- flop is widely used. It is also known as a data or delay flip-flop D flip-flop symbol D Q C Q

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D Flip-flop D flip-flop : single input D (data) D =HIGH a SET state D =LOW a RESET state Q follows D at the clock edge. Convert S-R flip-flop into a D flip-flop: add an inverter. A positive edge-triggered D flip-flop formed with an S-R flip-flop. S C R Q Q' CLK D  = clock transition LOW to HIGH D Flip-flop

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D Flip-flop Application: Parallel data transfer . To transfer logic-circuit outputs X , Y , Z to flip-flops Q 1 , Q 2 and Q 3 for storage. * After occurrence of negative-going transition Q1 = X* D CLK Q Q' Q2 = Y* D CLK Q Q' Q3 = Z* D CLK Q Q' Combinational logic circuit Transfer X Y Z

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T Flip-flop T flip-flop : single-input version of the J-K flip flop, formed by tying both inputs together. Characteristic table. Q(t+1) = T.Q' + T'.Q T Q Q' CLK Pulse transition detector J C K Q Q' CLK T

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T Flip-flop Application: Frequency division . Application: Counter (to be covered in Lecture 13.) J C K Q CLK High CLK Q Divide clock frequency by 2. J C K QA CLK High J C K QB High CLK QA QB Divide clock frequency by 4.

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