Disadvantages of Fast Food

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Disadvantages of Fast Food:

Disadvantages of Fast Food Prepared by: OO WOEI TIAN PJK (SJKC)

Disadvantages :

Disadvantages Not healthy The cost is expensive. Families spend less and less time.

Fast Food Is Unhealthy:

Fast Food Is Unhealthy Contain higher amount of salt, fat and calories Causes obesity Lead to cardiovascular diseases

The Cost Is Expensive:

The Cost Is Expensive Only economical for a single person The bill is larger if greater number of people having fast food meal together.

Families Spend Less and Less Time Together:

Families Spend Less and Less Time Together Fast food centers are quickly serving eating this quality time. Family members could not sit together to share their experience.


Conclusion By making smart choices while placing the order, we can minimize the drawbacks of fast food.