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Sec 2 RS Project 2011:

5/31/2011 1 Sec 2 RS Project 2011 Does swimming pool water have any effect to the condition or the colour of human hair?


5/31/2011 2 Agenda Overview of Project (Progress) Brainstorming objectives Rules Brainstorming activities Summarize Next steps


5/31/2011 3 Overview Progress of Project Original Observation Research Question Sub-research Questions Yet to be DONE Methodology Procedure Data Collection and Analysis

Brainstorming Objectives:

5/31/2011 4 Brainstorming Objectives Methodology How to conduct experiment? Experimental Procedure? What will our data mean? Presentation? (Oral and Visual) What Next? What will be our methodological approach be?


5/31/2011 5 Rules No idea is a bad idea Be creative Take risks No criticism allowed


5/31/2011 6 Activity You are in a important lecture with only a pen and then… You see a piece of blank white paper… Draw? Ideas? Notes?

Brainstorming Ideas:

5/31/2011 7 Brainstorming Ideas Any Ideas? Hands up!


5/31/2011 8 Summarize Let’s look back at our ideas! Which ideas are not so realistic? Which ideas are thought provoking? Edit our list of ideas Final Review of List

Next Steps:

5/31/2011 9 Next Steps Allocation of work Me & Donna - Proposal CNY Holidays Rachel & TL - Background Review Wait for REPLY!