Lost Super, Find Lost Super

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Are you wondering how to go about finding lost super? Many Australians have forgotten about super money or have funds they do not know about.


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Lost Super – Find Lost Super:

Lost Super – Find Lost Super

What is superannuation?:

What is superannuation? Superannuation or super is a way of saving to provide an income during retirement. Superannuation funds have an advantage over normal savings accounts because they pay less tax*. Tax benefits are also available to people when they access their superannuation in retirement. Many people rely on the Age Pension in retirement, but this may not provide enough for a comfortable retirement. The amount you receive usually depends on how much has been contributed, how long it has been in the account and the rate of interest earned by the account, and fees. *Unless the client’s on a tax rate <15%.

Insurance provided by superannuation:

Insurance provided by superannuation Many superannuation funds provide insurance and the premiums are paid for with your superannuation savings. Insurance cover is for death, disability and income protection. Should your account balance not be sufficient to pay the insurance premiums your cover may be cancelled.

Types of Super Funds:

Types of Super Funds Superannuation savings can be held in many different types of superannuation funds. Some are set up by individual businesses, some by industries and others by major financial institutions such as life insurance companies. The fund may have private entry or it may be open to anyone qualified to contribute to superannuation. They may have fancy names and shortened names but they all hold superannuation money. Some different types of funds include: Industry funds, e.g. Retail or Health industry fund; Corporate funds, e.g. The HTR Company fund; Public Sector funds – for government employees; Master trusts for individuals, e.g. The Small Superfund for Sam Smith; Self managed funds, e.g. The Julie and James Ralph’ Superfund.

Employers Fund:

Employers Fund Some employees can choose their own superannuation fund while others are required to join the fund that their employer regularly contributes to. Your employer may be required to contribute to a particular fund because of an industrial award or your employer may already have a private fund set up. Small Super accounts If an account has $1000 or less in it, it will be ‘protected’ by law from being reduced by fees. The law does this by not allowing the fees to be greater than the interest earned by the account. Funds that do not wish to ‘protect’ the account must transfer the account to another fund that will. The account holder or member should be told that this has been done. If the fund is unable to contact the member, the member will have to be listed with the ATO’s Lost Members Register.

How does super become ‘lost’?:

How does super become ‘lost’? If you’ve changed jobs, address or your name and not updated your details with your super fund then the super fund may not be able to find you. Your super may sit unclaimed in the super fund for years or be transferred to an eligible rollover fund.

Contact us for taking life insurance through super funds:

Contact us for taking life insurance through super funds Contact Us Suite 303, 685 Burke Rd Camberwell VIC 3124 Phone: 1300 1SUPER (1300 178 737) or 03 8080 5810 Fax: 03 8080 5809 Email: [email protected] Website: http://onesuperfund.com.au/

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