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If you or a loved one is filing a claim for workers' compensation, you need an attorney working in your favor to help you receive compensation that is fair and reasonable for your injuries. So contact our worker compensation lawyers, they will help you in this situation. For more information see this presentation and contact our Workers Compensation Lawyer or call us today at 314-963-9000.


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Workers’ Compensation Lawyers St. Louis MO

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Despite increased safety regulations and focus on workplace safety initiatives in the United States work injuries and illnesses are still an unfortunately common occurrence nationwide. In the state of Missouri alone 101870 employees experienced work-related injuries in 2018. The Missouri Department of Labor found that 9024 of these 2018 injuries resulted in time lost at work and the highest percentage of these injuries occurred in St. Louis County.

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Why You Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Worker’s compensation coverage exists to provide benefits to employees who’ve become injured or ill on the job and to protect the company from injury lawsuits. However getting the benefits you’re owed is not always straightforward or simple. They will also act as an intermediary throughout this process talking with your employer insurance companies and any other lawyers involved so that you can focus on your recovery.

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"The lawyers at OnderLaw LLC know the tactics that employers use and we will fight back so you can get the compensation you need.However you must act quickly because you may only have 30 days to file a workers’ compensation claim after an accident or the diagnosis of an illness."

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Workers’ compensation applies to almost all injuries you suffer at work. Workers’ compensation also applies to long-term illnesses or disabilities that resulted from your work. Some work environments such as construction or mechanical work are more prone to accidents and injuries than others because of inherent safety risks.However if a company disregards safety guidelines or otherwise neglects to keep their employees safe any workplace can have significant hazards that lead to an injury or illness.

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