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Om Wire and Wire Industries, Kolkata, India is leading Adjustable Prop Manufacturers in India, Adjustable Prop Wholesale Suppliers and Exporters, selling at factory price. Call Mobile No now.


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Usefulness and Extensibility of Props in Construction Props are an integral part of the construction industry as we need them for a wide range of purposes. Primarily they have only one use and that is as their name suggests for use to shore the support for loads. So you can use them at various levels such as for the formwork or for transferring loads between the levels. Structure of a Prop The construction of the prop is quite simple. It consists of a head and a foot that remains attached to the structural steel or metal tubes. These tubes slide over one another as per the need or distance between the two ends. You can lock this into place upon which it will begin to take up the load. Get more information from the Adjustable Prop Manufacturers in Kolkata in case you are from Kolkata. Say you are constructing the floor of the building and you build it on top of another floor. You need to support the formwork for the floor you build and transfer the load to the floor below. To do this you must place the prop of an adequate length such that it takes up the load from above and reaches the floor below. The area of the plate must be adequate at both the levels to have enough rigidity to withstand the force applied from above. You must apply enough number of props so that the load remains distributed uniformly over the entire floor. This will help you to decrease the load on the face of the plate in contact with the floor surface. Uses for the Prop You can use the prop as a temporary support for structures you are making for use on the construction site. This helps because you can fix the work piece in place and do the work. Once the work is over you can remove the prop. The use of the prop helps to improve the quality of the work and efficiency of the worker. Another place you need the prop is to support the formwork. You need this as the support for the formwork ensures that proper curing takes place and the concrete attains the full strength. After this you can remove the prop. You also find them in use for the slab work. The

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Adjustable Prop Suppliers will give you the specifications of the prop you need for your work if you tell them your needs. Selection Criteria for the Prop The criteria for the selection of the prop for the construction work depend on the nature of the work. It depends on the height to which you need the support and the weight it must support. Usually you use fork heads in conjunction with the props. When you use a fork head you can place a beam or other thin material across it to support loads. The fork provides the safety for the load. Normally you make the fork of steel with a zinc coating. Usually there are so many varieties of forks that you can find the correct one to go with the prop for your need. Though they are slender they can stand big loads of up to 4.2 tons. When you are not using the props you can stack them side by side horizontally since they have notches that allow this. But you must be careful not apply horizontal force on the props as they will break and topple over. Om Wire Wire Products Industries is the trusted Concertina Wire Manufacturer Exporters and Suppliers in Kolkata India deals in a wide range of Highway Crash Barriers Fencing Material Scaffolding Material Shuttering Material and more at market leading prices. Contact Us Om Wire Wire Products Mr. Hitesh Lunia Address: 26/1/1b Strand Road 4th Floor Room No.6. Kolkata West Bengal - 700001 India Phone: +91-33-22306008 Mobile: +91-9830777188 9007817770 E-mail:

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