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food micro consulting :

food micro consulting


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Your food micro consultant, Olivier..:

Your food micro consultant , Olivier.. Simple professional help for “normal” people Microfinance (or microcredit) was introduced 50 years ago to provide financial services to individuals lacking access to traditional finance. I created food micro consulting  to provide help to food professionals lacking access to traditional consulting. Over the years, as I advised friends, ex-colleagues, and small entrepreneurs, I was always amazed that none of them had ever taken advice before just because they did not think it possible (or did not dare). As one of them put it: “thank you for helping a “normal” person” as if consulting was supposed to be the exclusivity of big companies or big bosses. At a time when you may find and buy anything online it seems incredible that one cannot find a simple, fast and affordable consulting solution. So that is the reason why I created food micro consulting , to advise the “normal” people who do not have access to traditional consulting. I will keep it simple, fast, direct, affordable and always with a smile. And will advise only on matters where I can bring some added value… You will find this service at If you find this idea worth sharing it will go a long way to help me in this new venture. Thank you in advance

for consulting service :

for consulting service “As a professional in the food industry one is often faced with important decisions, presentations and meetings. They are numerous, ranging from defining the Company’s or Business’ strategy to the more common ones like a business review, budget discussion, one to one evaluation etc. FOR INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS

for consulting service:

for consulting service CAREER MANAGEMENT There are a few milestones in one’s career. They are defining moments when you have to take the important decision to step up, possibly within your Company or sometimes by changing Company. Because these moments are rare it is important to manage them well. A good preparation is a better chance to succeed.


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